Bradley Smokers and Bradley Smoker Accessories

Bradley Smokers are high quality, top of the line smokers that make smoking foods easier than ever. Bradley Smokers use an innovative design that produces heat and smoke separately allowing for better control and superior results. With our selection of discount Bradley Smokers and Bradley Smoker accessories such as smoker bisquettes and cures, anyone from an expert to a novice smoker can create gourmet quality smoked meats, fish, and other foods from home.

About Bradley Smokers

Bradley Smokers are high quality, easy to use smokers. These smokers are created on the basic principle that the secret to food smoking is properly controlling the smoke. Because controlling the smoke used to involve a complicated process of constantly attending to the sawdust while never letting the heat get too high or the wood burn completely down to ash, smoking meat and other food was, in the past, a complex task. However, with the invention of the Bradley Smoker, smoking food to the perfect, gourmet flavor is easier than ever.

Bradley Smokers are some of the only food smokers available that address the complicated problem of controlling the smoke by generating heat and smoke in two separate processes. Bradley Smokers use one low heating element to burn wood bisquettes, which are continuously fed and replaced, in order to produce continuous smoke. Bradley Smokers then include a separate heating element responsible for providing heat in the smokehouse. This smoking method offers greater control, allowing an individual to easily keep the smoke and temperature at constant level, resulting in superior taste.

Cold Smoking in Bradley Smokers

Hot smoked foods typically have a very similar appearance, taste, and texture to fully cooked foods. However, cold smoked meats, fish, and other foods tend to pick up a smoky flavor without necessarily cooking in the heat. Because Bradley Smokers allow individuals to control the heat and smoke elements separately, cold smoking foods is relatively easy in a Bradley Smoker. When cold smoking meat or fish, the food is generally cured prior to smoking the food at or below 100 degrees. Heat can then be added briefly at the very end of the cold smoking process to improve appearance and flavor of the food.

Bradley Smokers can also be used to cold smoke meat and fish without first curing it. By cold smoking food for only one or two hours before cooking as normal on the grill or oven, you can add complex and interesting new flavors to any dish.

Popular Bradley Smokers & Accessories

At Wholesale Hunter, we sell a variety of Bradley Smokers including the Bradley Original Smoker and newer Bradley Digital Smokers. Each of these smokers is easy to use for hot or cold smoking meat, fish, and other foods. In addition to selling Bradley Smokers at discount prices, we also sell a variety of discount Bradley Smoker accessories.