CCI Ammo: Precision Sport Shooting Ammunition

CCI Ammo includes a wide selection of highly specialized, precision ammunition designed for a variety of sport shooting purposes. Whether you are looking for small game ammunition that will leave minimal damage on the hide or meat or competition and target shooting ammo for highly consistent, precision shooting, CCI Ammo is quality rimfire ammunition for nearly any sport shooting application. At Wholesale Hunter, you can buy a variety of reliable and precise CCI Ammo at discount prices including a variety of calibers for varmint hunting, small game hunting, target shooting, and pest control.

About CCI Ammo

CCI Ammo is known for delivering high quality rimfire ammunition with the broadest selection available for the rimfire shooter. CCI manufactures specialized rimfire ammo that is specifically designed for certain shooting situations. This allows CCI Ammo to offer superior accuracy and precision for hunters or target shooters.

CCI was founded in 1951 by Richard “Dick” Speer, a machinist and entrepreneur. He began the company by offering reloading supplies and cases for proprietary rifle cartridge designs that were not supported by the “big” ammo companies, and continued to provide a steady source of primers and reloaders. Today, CCI Ammo is a trusted leader in rimfire ammunition offering high-quality, precision ammunition. As a result of the company’s dedication to innovation, determination, and resourcefulness, CCI Ammo is trusted as superior ammunition for the diverse sport shooting community.

CCI Ammo is made for shooters by shooters, and therefore, the company understands specifically what shooters and sportsman want and need. CCI Ammo offers the best selection of ammunition for all shooting sports. Whether you are interested in varmint hunting, small game hunting, competition shooting, or pest control, CCI Ammo offers superior precision ammunition to meet your needs. CCI Ammo has revived rimfire ammunition with exciting, high-performance products, making the company a leader in rimfire ammunition.

Types of CCI Ammo

CCI Ammo is designed specifically to meet the needs of sport shooters. This high quality ammunition includes ammo specially designed for unique shooting situations in order to offer advanced, precision ammunition and superior, specialized performance. Whether you are in the wide open plains of prairie dog town or at the shooting range, CCI Ammo is designed for you.

The following are popular types of CCI rimfire ammo that are available at discount prices from Wholesale Hunter.