Choke Tubes: Improved Cylinder, Modified, & Full Choke Tubes

Choke tubes are special attachments that can screw on to the end of a shotgun barrel in order to alter the spread of a shotgun pattern. At Wholesale Hunter, you can buy a broad selection of choke tubes and choke tube accessories including choke wrenches and choke tube cases. You can view our selection of choke tubes that are available for your particular rifle using our Choke Tube Finder.

An Introduction to Choke Tubes

Choke tubes are devices used to alter and control the spread pattern of shotgun pellets as they are fired from a shotgun. Typically, choke tubes are designed to easily screw on to the end of a shotgun barrel, and most choke tubes can be changed or replaced as needed for changing hunting or shooting situations. There are a variety of types of choke tubes available including those that alter the shot pattern greatly as well as those that only slightly change the pattern. In general, choke tubes that produce a tighter pattern are designed to improve long-range accuracy.

There are a number of advantages to using a choke tube that is designed for your particular shooting style. Choke tubes with smaller holes will create a tighter spread that will keep pellets in a cluster as they travel toward their target. This can result in improved accuracy at greater distances and greater impact power. For short-range shots, using a choke tube with a wider tube is better because it will result in a wider radius of fire increasing the chances of striking the target.

Types of Choke Tubes

At Wholesale Hunter we sell a complete selection of choke tubes so that every hunter or shooter can find the ideal choke tube for his or her specific style of hunting or shooting. Whether you plan to use your shotgun for turkey hunting, waterfowl hunting, or skeet shooting, finding the best choke tube can improve your accuracy and enhance your shooting experience. To help you find the best type of choke tube for your needs, we have provided a Choke Tube Finder. This will allow you to select your particular shotgun and view all of the compatible choke tubes options from which you can choose.

While there is a wide variety of choke tubes available, including many specialized type choke tubes designed for particular shooting situations, the three main types of choke tubes available include improved cylinder choke tubes, modified choke tubes, and full choke tubes. Learn more about each of these choke tube types below in order to determine the best choke tube for your needs.

  1. Improved Cylinder Choke Tubes: Improved cylinder choke tubes alter a shot pattern the least. These choke tubes are designed to restrict the shot pattern only slightly as it leaves the gun allowing for the greatest spread. Improved cylinder choke tubes are ideal for hunting in thick cover. They are also often preferred by inexperienced hunters and shooters as they provide a wide shot pattern, which can be more forgiving.
  2. Modified Choke Tubes: Modified choke tubes are one of the most commonly used types of tubes as they will concentrate the shot pattern more than an improved cylinder version choke tube allowing hunters to shoot further distances. Modified choke tubes are popular with more experienced hunters including waterfowl hunters and upland hunters.
  3. Full Choke Tubes: Full choke tubes greatly restrict the BBs as they leave the shotgun barrel resulting in the tightest pattern. This will allow hunters and shooters to have greater accuracy and shoot further distances even up to forty yards and beyond. Full choke tubes are commonly used by experienced hunters shooting at specific targets including high flying ducks or geese. Additionally, full choke tubes can be useful when shooting at a larger target such as turkeys.