Discount Handguns: Popular Revolvers & Pistols at Discount Prices

Wholesale Hunter sells a wide selection of discount handguns from leading manufacturers including Browning, CZ, Diamondback Firearms, FNH USA, Glock, Rossi, Taurus, and Walther. These popular handguns are an ideal choice for personal and home defense, law enforcement and military personnel, sport shooting, target shooting, and hunting. If you are looking for a discount handgun, our handguns are available at affordable prices. With our wide selection of handguns, including discount pistols and discount revolvers, you are sure to find a handgun that fits your needs and your budget.

Purposes and Uses for Discount Handguns

Handguns were originally developed as easily portable, one handed firearms to be used for hunting or by police and soldiers. Because handguns are small and lightweight, today they are easily carried for personal defense or for law enforcement and security purposes. These firearms are typically intended for use in close quarters, as they are easily maneuverable and accurate for distances under 50 yards. Some hunting enthusiasts will even carry a handgun during hunting to challenge their superior hunting skills. In general, there are four main purposes for using the discount handguns that are available from Wholesale Hunter. These include:

Although, handguns are great for personal defense use, they are typically only accurate for distances up to 50 yards. This is partially because handgun cartridges are limited in size and energy capacity. They offer less accuracy for long range shooting than rifles, because of the reduced distance between the front and rear sights as well as from the reduced ability to gain a stable hold as is possible with a long gun.

Our Discount Handgun Brands

At Wholesale Hunter, we sell popular discount handguns from leading firearm manufacturers. These discount handguns are ideal for a variety of uses including by law enforcement and security personnel and for sport shooting purposes. Our selection of discount handguns includes a variety of quality pistols and revolvers from some of the top firearm manufacturers. Through our special deals with these manufacturers, we are able to supply our customers with a wide selection of discount handguns at affordable prices.

The discount handguns that are available for sale at affordable prices online through our Wholesale Hunter website include: