Harris Bipods: The Original & Best Rifle Bipods

Harris bipods are quality rifle bipods manufactured using high quality, durable materials. These bipods can be easily attached or detach using a rifle’s sling swivel mount. Harris bipods are available in a number of leg lengths, and therefore, there is a Harris bipod model that is best for nearly any situation including tall bipods for use in prone and sitting firing positions as well as shorter models for bench rest shooting. Original Harris bipods, available at discount prices from Wholesale Hunter, can be used for everything from hunting, target shooting, or bench shooting, to tactical military or law enforcement applications.

Advantages of Harris Bipods

Harris Bipods are the industry standard for quality bipods. These bipods provide hunters and shooters with years of reliable, rock solid dependability and ruggedness. Harris bipods are made from only the most durable materials to offer superior quality for hunters and shooters. These bipods are easy to attach to nearly any rifle and come in a variety of sizes each with adjustable, telescoping legs. When you buy a Harris bipod for hunting, shooting, or tactical situations, you are sure to be be pleased with the superior quality that your original Harris bipod offers.

With their superior durability and versatile uses, Harris bipods offer a number advantages for hunters and shooters. Benefits of Harris bipods include:

Types of Harris Bipods

At Wholesale Hunter, we sell Harris bipods in a variety of sizes and styles so we carry a bipod made for nearly any situation. When determining the best Harris bipod for your shooting style and needs, you should consider the leg length or model of the bipod as well as the series. The four main Harris bipod styles include: