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Marlin Firearms are high-quality rifles and shotguns that offer superior performance for hunters and sport shooters at affordable prices. At Wholesale Hunter, you will find a wide variety of Marlin Firearms for sale at discount prices including popular Marlin Firearms such as Lever Action 22 Rifles, Model 336 Centerfire Rifles, Model 1894 Centerfire Rifles, and more. Whether you are looking for a precision rifle for target shooting or a powerful hunting rifle, our Marlin Firearms for sale at affordable prices offer great value and performance for your money.

About Marlin Firearms

Marlin Firearms were first manufactured by John M. Marlin in 1870, an experienced tool and die maker with experience working at the Colt plant during the Civil war. This original line of Marlin Firearms consisted of revolvers and derringers. During the company’s early years, the outstanding inventors were able to develop breakthrough and enduring models that are still even used today. The Model 39 and Model 336 Marlin Firearms are the oldest shoulder arm designs in the world still being produced today. In fact, the lever action repeater, or Model 39, became a favorite of many exhibition shooters including the great Annie Oakley.

When John Marlin died in 1901, his sons took over the business and began to diversify the company’s product line. During World War I, Marlin Firearms became one of the largest machine gun producers in the world for the US and its allies. Following the end of the war, the company was bought by Frank Kenna who grew the Marlin Firearms as a sporting firearm company. Since this time the company has continued to expand the Marlin Firearms product line offering a variety of sporting firearms.

A desire to seek constant improvement and innovation has been a hallmark of Marlin Firearms since the beginning and this philosophy has continued into the 21st century. For example, Marlin Firearms developed the first side-ejecting, solid-top receiver in 1889, introduced the Micro-Groove rifling system for improved accuracy in 1953, and created the T-900 Fire Control System for bolt action rimfire rifles in 2004. Today, the Marlin Firearms engineers continue to make an extraordinary effort to raise the bar in the firearm manufacturing industry.

Our Discount Marlin Firearms

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