Shoulder Holsters: Ideal Concealed Carry Holsters

Shoulder holsters are used by both professionals and recreational shooters including avid shooters or hunters. A common reason that professionals including law enforcement officers, security personnel, and government agents carry shoulder holsters is that they allow for concealed carry of small, mid-size and even larger framed handguns. At Wholesale Hunter, we sell a wide selection of shoulder holsters including those from popular manufacturers such as Bianchi, Gould & Goodrich, and Uncle Mikes.

About Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder holsters can be used by law enforcement officers and professionals as everyday carry equipment or as special purpose equipment for use during certain situations including undercover work. Some individuals use shoulder holsters on a regular basis as a result of their assignment or a regular need for concealed carry. Additionally, other professionals, such as law enforcement professionals, government agents, and security personnel, believe shoulder holsters offer more convenient access or increased comfort when carrying a handgun. In these situations, the choice to use a shoulder holster may not come from a direct need, but instead personal preference.

Some of the main advantages or benefits that come from using a shoulder holster include:

There are a number of different types and styles of shoulder holsters available. Most of these holsters are designed to offer the wearer comfortable, concealed carry of a pistol or revolver. Most shoulder holsters secure a gun in place using a backpack style design, which has straps that go over the shoulders. With these holsters, the weight of the gun is often balanced by a pouch that stores one or two additional magazines. Some shoulder holsters also use a strap across the front to secure the firearm in place. Two popular style shoulder holsters include:

Popular Shoulder Holsters

At Wholesale Hunter, we sell a variety of styles of shoulder holsters at discount prices. These shoulder holsters can secure and conceal many size and style firearms. Our selection of shoulder holsters includes holsters from leading manufactures that are designed for some of the most popular gun models including Glocks, Walther PPK pistols, Colt Commanders, and Beretta handguns. Our discount shoulder holsters include a wide variety of styles supplied by leading manufacturers. These include: