Taurus Judge: A Personal Protection Revolver

The Taurus Judge is a popular revolver commonly used for personal protection and home defense. This revolver is available in an ultra-light, small frame size and a larger frame size. The Taurus Judge is designed to shoot either .410 shotgun shells or .45 Colt ammunition, making it ideal for the short distance shooting that most commonly occurs in self-defense situations. If you are looking for a revolver for home defense and personal protection situations, consider one of the many Taurus Judge versions available from Wholesale Hunter.

The Taurus Judge for Personal Protection & Home Defense

The Taurus Judge received its name as a result of the significant number of judges who carry this revolver into the courtroom for their protection. This revolver is capable of chambering both .410 shotgun ammunition and .45 Colt ammunition making it ideal for short distance shooting. Because this revolver offers superior accuracy and short-range shooting performance, it is also an ideal self-defense handgun used for home defense and protection in a car. Many individuals choose a Taurus Judge as their trusted self-defense weapon for home defense and personal protection due to the rifle’s ultra-light design and unique shotgun / revolver combination.

Benefits and advantages that make the Taurus Judge revolver an ideal personal and home defense tool include:

Popular Taurus Judge Models

Because the Taurus Judge has become such a popular and well trusted revolver for personal defense and home defense situations, there are now a wide variety of Taurus Judge models available. Each of the Taurus Judge versions includes all of the expected Judge features such as .45 and .410 shooting capabilities as well as additional features that make these revolvers unique and highly desired.

Model 4510 “Public Defender”

This version of the Taurus Judge has revolutionized small frame revolvers. The Public Defender Taurus Judge is an ideal personal defense weapon as it delivers devastating firepower in a scaled-down, easy to carry size.

Judge SSR Ported

The SSR Ported Taurus Judge revolver turns the Judge into a tactical weapon. It features a ported barrel to reduce the felt recoil. It also adds a Picatinny rail that allows individuals to mount a light, laser, or other tactical accessory.

2.5” Chamber Judge Revolvers

All of the 2.5 inch chamber Taurus Judge revolvers are designed to accommodate either 2.5 inch .410 shotgun shells or .45 Colt ammunition. These revolvers feature a finely tuned rifling spread designed for spreading the shot pattern at close quarters and guiding a .45 caliber bullet to its target. The two and a half inch chamber Taurus Judge revolvers are available with a 6.5” or 2.5” barrel length.

3” MAG Judge Revolvers

This version of the Taurus Judge is even more powerful with a 3-inch chamber. The 3” MAGNUM version Taurus Judge Revolvers allow you to use a .410 GA. 3 inch Magnum in addition to ether 2.5 inch shotshells and .45 Colt ammunition. This powerful version of the Taurus Judge has been proven effective for home defense and personal protection uses.