Walther PPS Magazines: Factory Made Magazines at Discount Prices

Wholesale Hunter is a leading supplier of discount handguns (LINK to discount handguns article page), firearms, and firearm accessories. These firearm accessories include a variety of magazines for popular pistols and rifles including original Walther PPS magazines. Our Walther PPS magazines are available at discount prices. These magazines are factory made, original Walther PPS magazines not after-market parts so they offer superior performance, reliability, and fit. Our Walther PPS magazines are available for both 9mm and .40 caliber versions of the Walther PPS.

About the Walther PPS

The Walther PPS pistol, also known as “The Police Pistol Slim”, follows the legendary PPK as a superior pistol. This handgun is equipped with unique Walther features including the patented QuickSafe technology, variable magazine capacities, and variable backstrap sizes, making it a superior successor to the PPK. The Walther PPS pistol is available in either a 9mm or .40 caliber Smith & Wesson version and packs a significant amount of power for its slim, sub-compact size.

The Walther PPS offers a number of powerful features including a perfect fitting large or small backstrap and patented QuickSafe innovation, which make this a highly desirable pistol. With the Walther QuickSafe technology, the partially cocked striker assembly is decocked simply by removing the backstrap. Therefore, the backstrap acts as a key, and without it the pistol cannot be fired. Additionally, the customizable Walther PPS pistol also includes variable magazine sizes and ambidextrous magazine release for further customization. With variable frame length and magazine capacity, the Walther PPS is an ideal choice for many. The Walther PPS magazines are made in three different lengths in order to allow the pistol to be perfectly adjusted to each individual’s hand size.

Our Discount Walther PPS Magazines

At Wholesale Hunter, we sell a variety of Walther PPS magazines including 9mm and .40 caliber magazines. These magazines are authentic, factory made Walther PPS magazines not aftermarket parts. Therefore, our Walther PPS magazines, available at discount prices, offer superior, reliable performance. These factory made Walther magazines are sure to fit securely with any Walther PPS pistol ensuring superior performance with each round fired.

Our Walther PPS magazines that are available at discount prices include:

Other Discount Walther Magazines

In addition to selling several Walther PPS magazines at discount prices, we also sell a variety of other Walther magazines at affordable prices through our online hunting and shooting store. Like our Walther PPS magazines, these Walther magazines are all factory made magazines offering superior performance and reliability. Our other discount Walther Magazines include:

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