Wholesale Firearms: Discount Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, & Revolvers

Wholesale Hunter is a leading supplier of affordable hunting, shooting, and camping gear from popular manufacturers. This discount hunting and shooting equipment includes a wide selection of wholesale firearms available at discount prices including some of the most popular models of rifles, shotguns, pistols, and revolvers. If you have been searching for popular firearms for sale at affordable prices, you will find the handguns, rifles, and revolvers to meet your needs and your budget here. With our selection of discount gear and wholesale firearms, Wholesale Hunter is a one-stop shop for any hunter, sport shooter, gun enthusiast, or law enforcement or military officer looking for discount prices on firearms and firearm accessories.

Our Wholesale Firearms for Sale

Our complete selection of wholesale firearms includes rifles, pistols, shotguns, and revolvers from popular manufacturers. These affordable firearms include those that are ideal for hunting, sport and recreational shooting, competition and target shooting, self-defense, and military, law enforcement, and security purposes. Our wholesale firearms, handguns, and rifles are all high quality guns supplied by popular gun manufacturers. These discount firearms include:

Wholesale Pistols

Pistols are types of handguns, which contain a chamber that is integral with the barrel. Pistols can be small, compact, and lightweight handguns, making many pistols ideal for concealed carry. The wholesale pistols that are available from our online store include a wide variety of pistols made by leading handgun manufacturers. These discount pistols are commonly used for self-defense, target shooting, competition shooting, and military or law enforcement purposes and, like all of our wholesale firearms, are available at affordable prices.

Wholesale Revolvers

Revolvers are a style of handgun that is capable of delivering multiple loads to one barrel in quick succession through a revolving style chamber. At Wholesale Hunter, our collection of wholesale firearms, which are available at discount prices, includes a wide selection of popular revolvers from leading manufacturers. We carry revolvers that are ideal for collecting, hunting, self-defense, concealed carry, target shooting, and security purposes.

Wholesale Rifles

Rifles are long guns that contain a groove pattern in the barrel walls in order to increase range and accuracy when shooting. Rifles are available in a variety of calibers and can be used for everything from large game hunting, small game hunting, and varmint hunting to target shooting, competition shooting, and recreational shooting. Fully automatic and semi-automatic rifles are also used by police or military personnel. Our selection of wholesale firearms includes a variety of hunting, target shooting, and police or military rifles at discount prices including some of the most popular rifle models.

Wholesale Shotguns

Shotguns are long guns that are designed to shoot a collection of shot pellets or a solid slug. Shotguns typically have less accuracy and range than rifles and they are commonly used for close range shooting including for small game hunting, waterfowl and bird hunting, self-defense, and recreational shooting purposes. The discount shotguns, which are included in our selection of wholesale firearms, include a variety of high quality hunting and shooting shotguns from popular firearm manufacturers.

To learn more about any of our wholesale firearms including our rifles, shotguns, pistols, or revolvers, please feel free to contact us or any of the firearm manufacturers whose products we sell.