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Maker Item# Description Details Price
CCI0056CCI 22 Long Rifle by 22 Long Rifle, Subsonic 40gr HP, (Per 100) 0056View
Eley Ammo05200ELEY High Velocity Hollow Point 22LR 40Gr. 50 PackView
Eley Ammo05400ELEY Subsonic Hollow Point 22LR 40Gr. 50 PackView
Remington1622CRemington Golden Bullet 22LR HV 36Gr HP 525 Rd 525/12 Ammunition 1622CView
Walther2132494Walther RWS 22 Long Rifle 40GR High Velocity Hollow Point 50 Per Box 2132494View
Walther2132664RWS 2132664 22LR Hollow Point 40 Gr 50 Rounds Per BoxView
Fiocchi Ammo22FHPSUBFIO 22LR 38GN HP 50/100View
Fiocchi Ammo22FHVCHPFIO 22LR 40GN CPHP 50/100View
Armscor Precision Inc50015Armscor Precision 22 Long Rifle 36 grain High Velocity Lead Hollow Point Ammunition, 50 Rounds Per BView
CCI0031CCI 22 Long Rifle by 22 Long Rifle, LRHP Mini Mag (Per 100) (36gr) 0031View
CCI0047CCI 22 Long Rifle by 22 Long Rifle, 40 Grain, Velocitor GDHP, (Per 50) 0047View
CCI0050CCI 22 Long Rifle by 22 Long Rifle, LR Stinger HP (Per 50) 0050View
CCI0064 CCI 22 Long Rifle 32 Grain Hollow Point Ammunition Md: 0064 0064 View
CCI0074CCI 22 Long Rifle by 22 Long Rifle Segmented, HP PaperSub, (Per50) 0074View
Remington1600Remington Golden Bullet 22LR HV 36Gr HP 100Rd Ammunition 1600View
Remington1622Remington Golden Bullet 22LR HV 36Gr HP 50 Rds Ammunition 1622View
Remington1700Remington Yellow Jacket 22LR 33Gr TCHP 100Rd Ammunition 1700View
Fiocchi Ammo22FHVCHPFiocchi Ammo Shooting Dynamics Sport & Hunting Rimfire Ammo .22 LR - 38 gr - Hollow Point - Hi Volume Sport Round 22FHVCHPView
Winchester Ammo22LR333HPWinchester Ammo 22 Long Rifle 22 Long Rifle Bulk Copper Hollow Point (Per 333) 22LR333HPView
Winchester Ammo22LR525HPWinchester Ammunition 555 22 Long Rifle Copper Plated Hollow Point 36 GR 22LR525HPView
Winchester Ammo22LR555HPWinchester Ammo 22 Long Rifle 36gr Plated Hollow Point, Bulk Pack /555 22LR555HPView
Federal Cartridge712Federal Cartridge 22 Long Rifle 22 Long Rifle, 38gr High Velocity Copper Plated Hollow Point 712View
Federal Cartridge724Federal Cartridge 22 Long Rifle 22 Long Rifle, 31gr Hyper Velocity Copper Plated Hollow Point 724View
Federal Cartridge745Federal Cartridge 22 Long Rifle 36gr High Velocity Champion Copper Plated HP Bulk/525 745View
CCI961CCI Swamp People Ammunition 22LR Mini-Mag 36 Gr HP (Per 375) 961View
Federal CartridgeAE22Federal Cartridge 22 Long Rifle 22 Long Rifle, 38gr High Velocity Copper Plated Hollow Point (Per 40) AE22View
Federal CartridgeAE22Federal Cartridge American Eagle Ammunition 22LR HV 38gr HP 40bx AE22View
RemingtonCB-22L100Remington Cb 22LR Low Noise 33Gr HP 100Rd Ammunition CB-22L100View
RemingtonCY-22HPBRemington 22 Cyclone 22LR 36Gr HP 500Rd 500 Ammunition CY-22HPBView
RemingtonCY22HPRemington 22 Cyclone 22LR 36Gr HP 50 Rds Ammunition CY22HPView
RemingtonGL22HPRemington Game Load 22LR 36Gr HP 40Rd Ammunition GL22HPView
Winchester AmmoS22LRFSPWinchester Ammo 22LR Varmint He Ammunition S22LRFSPView
Winchester AmmoS22LRFSPWinchester Ammo 22LR HP Varmint HE /50 S22LRFSPView
RemingtonSUB22HPRemington 22 Subsonic 22LR P 38Gr HP 50 Rds Ammunition SUB22HPView
RemingtonSUB22HP1Remington 22 Subsonic 22LR 38Gr HP 100Rd Ammunition SUB22HP1View
Winchester AmmoX22LRHWinchester Ammo 22 Long Rifle 22 Long Rifle, 37gr Super-X Lead Hollow Point (Per 50) X22LRHView
Winchester AmmoX22LRHLFWinchester Ammo 22 LR Lead Free 30Gr 50 Rds Ammunition X22LRHLFView
Winchester AmmoX22LRHSS1Winchester Ammo Super-X 22LR 37Gr HP 100/20 Ammunition X22LRHSS1View
Winchester AmmoX22LRPPWinchester Ammo 22 Long Rifle 40gr ,Super-X, Power Point Lead Hollow Point, (Per 50) X22LRPPView
Winchester AmmoXPERT22Winchester Ammo 22 Long Rifle 22 Long Rifle, 36gr Xpert Lead Hollow Point (Per 500) XPERT22View
Winchester AmmoXPERT22 Winchester 22 Long Rifle Super X 36 Grain Lead Hollow Point 5000 Rounds Ammunition Md: XPERT22 XPERT22View
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