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Maker Item# Description Details Price
Aguila1E45431945 Long Colt 200 Grain Soft Point Ammunition, 50 Rounds Per BoxView
Aguila1E454319Ammunition Pistol, 45LC, 200 Grain, Lead FlView
Barnes Bullets21547Barnes Bullets 45 Colt 200gr XPB VOR-TX Per 20 21547View
CCI3584CCI 45 Colt by 45 Colt, 200 Grain, JHP, (Per 50) 3584View
Buffalo Bore Ammunition3A/20Buffalo Bore Ammunition Handgun 45 Colt Hard Cast 325 GR 20 Rounds Per Box 3A/20View
Buffalo Bore Ammunition3B/20Buffalo Bore Ammunition Handgun 45 Auto Rimmed JFN 300 GR 20 Rds Per Box 3B/20View
Buffalo Bore Ammunition3B/20Buffalo Bore Ammo .45LC +P 300Gr. JFP 20-PackView
Buffalo Bore Ammunition3B/50Buffalo Bore Ammunition Heavy 45 Colt 300 Gr JFn (Per 50) 3B/50View
Buffalo Bore Ammunition3C/20Buffalo Bore Ammunition Handgun 45 Colt JHP 260 GR 20 Rds Per Box 3C/20View
Buffalo Bore Ammunition3E/20Buffalo Bore Ammunition Handgun 45 Colt Hard Cast 255 GR 20 Rounds Per Box 3E/20View
Buffalo Bore Ammunition3F/20Buffalo Bore Ammunition Handgun 45 Colt JHP 200 GR 20 Rds Per Box 3F/20View
Buffalo Barnes3G/20Buffalo Barnes Heavy 45 Colt +P 225 Gr Barnes XPB (Per 20) 3G/20View
Buffalo Barnes3H/20Buffalo Barnes Heavy 45 Colt 225 Gr Barnes XPB (Per 20) 3H/20View
Buffalo Bore Ammunition3I/20Buffalo Bore Ammunition Handgun 45 Colt Wad Cutter 225 GR 20 Rds Per Box 3I/20View
Buffalo Bore Ammunition3J/20Buffalo Bore Ammunition Anti-Personnel Low Flash 45 Colt 225 Gr (Per 20) Soft Cast Hollow Nose 3J/20View
Buffalo Bore Ammunition3J/20Buffalo Bore Ammunition Handgun 45 Colt Soft Cast 225 GR 20Box/12Case 3J/20View
Buffalo Bore Ammunition3K/20Buffalo Bore Ammunition Heavy 45 Colt +P (Per 20) Deer Grenade, 260 Gr Medium Cast HP 3K/20View
HSM/Hunting Shack Inc45C1NHSM 45 Colt 250gr RNFP 50 rounds cowboy AmmunitionView
HSM/Hunting Shack Inc45C2NHSM 45 Colt 200gr RNFP 50 rounds cowboy ammunitionView
MagTech Ammunition Co.45DMagTech Ammunition Co. Cowboy 45LC 250Gr LFN 50 Rds Ammunition 45DView
MagTech Ammunition Co.45DMagtech Ammo Cowboy .45LC 250Gr. Lead-FN 50-PackView
MagTech Ammunition Co.45FMagtech Ammo Cowboy .45LC 200Gr. L-Flat 50-PackView
MagTech Ammunition Co.45F MagTech Ammunition Co. Magtech 45 Long Colt 200 Grain Lead Flat Nose Ammunition Md: 45F 45F View
Captech International45LC200LEGJamison .45 Colt 200 gr Lead RNFP 20 Rounds AmmunitionView
Fiocchi Ammo45LCCA45 Colt Cowboy Lead Round Nose Flat Point 250 Grain 50 Rounds 45LCCAView
Fiocchi Ammo45LCCAFiocchi Cowboy Action .45 LC 250 Grain RNFP 50 Round boxView
Fiocchi Ammo45LCCMJFiocchi 45 Colt 225 Grain CMJ 50 Box 45LCCMJView
Hornady9115Hornady 45 Long Colt by 255 Gr, Cowboy Ammo, (Per 20) 9115View
Hornady9115Ammo .45 Long Colt 255Gr. Lead Cowboy 20-PackView
Hornady92790Hornady Critical Defense 45 Colt 185 Grain FTX (Per 20) 92790View
Hornady92790Hornady Critical Defense Ammunition 45 Colt 185gr FTX Crit-Def Size 45 Colt/185gr/FTX 92790View
Hornady92790Hornady 45colt 185gr Crit Def Ftx 20bx 92790View
Hornady92792Hornady 45 Colt 225g Leverlution 20bx 92792View
Hornady92792Hornady 45 Colt 225gr FTX LeverEvolution (Per 20) 92792View
Hornady92792Ammo Leverevolution .45Colt 225Gr. FTX 20-PackView
Federal CartridgeAE45LCFederal Cartridge American Eagle 45 Colt 225gr Jacketed Sp Ammunition AE45LCView
Barnes BulletsBB45CLT3Barnes Ammo VOR-Tx .45LC 200Gr XPB 20-PackView
Federal CartridgeC45LCAFederal Cartridge 45 Colt , 225 Grain, Semi-Wad Cutter, HP, (Per 20) C45LCAView
UltramaxCB45CN1Ultramax 45 Colt by 45 Colt, 200gr, Round Nose Flat Point Lead, (Per 50) CB45CN1View
UltramaxCB45CN1Ammo Cowboy .45 Colt 200Gr. Lead-FP 50-PackView
UltramaxCB45CN2Ammo Cowboy .45 Colt 250Gr. Lead-FP 50-PackView
UltramaxCB45CN2Ultramax 45 Colt by 45 Colt, 250gr, Round Nose Flat Point Lead, (Per 50) CB45CN2View
CorbonDPX45C22520Dpx 45 Colt +p Ammo 225Gr 20 Rounds Per Box AmmoView
RemingtonHD45C410ARemington Ultimate Defense 45 Colt/410 Gauge 230 GR BJHP Nickel Plated (Per 20) HD45C410AView
HSM/Hunting Shack IncHSM45C7NHSM/Hunting Shack Inc HSM Bear 45 Colt WFN 325 GR (Per 50) HSM45C7NView
CorbonHT45C265BHP20Ammo .45 Long Colt+P 265Gr. Bonded 20-PackView
CorbonHT45C265BHP20Corbon 45CLT Mag +P BCHP 265Gr 20 Per Box HT45C265BHP20View
Liberty AmmunitionLA-CD-45-031Liberty Civil Defense 45 Long Colt 78gr Hollow-point Ammunition 20 Per BoxView
Liberty AmmunitionLACD45031Liberty Ammunition Liberty Ammo 45CLT 78Gr Copper 20/50 LACD45031View
LibertyLACD45031Ammo Civil Defense .45 Colt 78Gr. HP 20-PackView
Federal CartridgePAE412000.45 Colt/.410 Bore Federal Combo Pack JSP 225 Grain And 2-1/2" 000 Buck 70 Round Pack PAE412000 70 RView
Federal CartridgePAE412000Fed 45LC/410 Handgun (20 2.5" 000 (50) 225Gr SPView
RemingtonRTG45CRemington TAR 45 Colt Lead Round Nose 250 GR (Per 50) RTG45CView
RemingtonRTG45C1Remington Target 45 Long Colt 225 Gr Lead SWC 50 Rounds AmmoView
RemingtonRTP45C1Remington Ammo HTP 45 Colt 230GR Jacketed Hollow Point 50 Rounds RTP45C RTP45C1View
Winchester AmmoS45CPDBWinchester Ammo 45 Colt 225Gr Supreme Elite Bonded PDX1 20 Rds Ammunition S45CPDBView
Sellier & BellotSB45DSellier & Bellot 45 Colt Lead Flat Nose 250 Gr 50 BoxView
CorbonSD45C20020Ammo .45 Long Colt 200Gr. JHP 20-PackView
CorbonSD45C20020Corbon 45LC 200Gr JHP 20 Per Box SD45C20020View
Winchester AmmoUSA45CBWinchester Ammo 45 Colt 45 Colt, 250gr, Cowboy Loads Lead, (Per 50) USA45CBView
Winchester AmmoUSA45CBUSA45CB Special Buy 45 Colt (LC) 250 GR Lead Flat Nose 50 Bx/ 10 CsView
Winchester AmmoUSA45CBWin Ammo Cowboy .45 Long Colt 250Gr. Lead-FP 50-PackView
Winchester AmmoX45CP2Win Ammo Super-X .45 Long Colt 255Gr. Lead-RN 20-PackView
Winchester AmmoX45CP2X45CP2 Special Buy 45 Colt (LC) 255 GR Lead Round Nose 20 Bx/ 10 CsView
Winchester AmmoX45CP2Winchester Ammo WIN 45 COLT 255GR LRN 20BX X45CP2View
Winchester AmmoX45CP2Winchester Ammo 45 Colt 255 gr Super-X Lead Round Nose Per 20 X45CP2 AmmoView
Winchester AmmoX45CSHP2Winchester Ammo 45 Colt 45 Colt, 225gr, Super-X Silvertip Hollow Point, (Per 20) X45CSHP2View
Winchester AmmoX45CSHP2Winchester Ammo WIN 45 COLT 225GR ST/HP 20BX X45CSHP2View
Winchester AmmoX45CSHP2Win Ammo Super-X .45 Long Colt 225Gr. Silvertip HP 20-PackView
Corbon05000 Corbon Glaser 45 Long Colt 145 Grain Round Nose Ammunition Md: 05000 05000 View
Corbon05200 Corbon Glaser Silver 45 Long Colt 145 Grain Round Nose Ammunition Md: 05200 05200 View
Aguila1E454319Cowboy Action .45 Colt 200 Grain Lead FP 50 Round BoxView
Aguila1E4543191E454319 .45 Long Colt 200 Gr Soft Point Ammo 50 RoundsView
CCI23984CCI 45 Colt by 45 Colt, 250 Grain, Gold Dot Hollow Point, (Per 20) 23984View
CCI3746CCI 45 Colt Shotshell 3746View
MagSafe Ammo Inc.45CD MagSafe Ammo Inc. MagSafe 45 Long Colt 96 Grain Pre-Fragmented Bullet Ammunition Md: 45CD 45CD View
Hornady90904Hornady American Gunner 45 auto 185g Xtp 20 90904View
Hornady92790Ammo Critical Defense .45 Colt 185Gr. FTX 20-PackView
Federal CartridgeAE45LCFederal Cartridge American Eagle Ammunition 45 Colt 225gr Jsp 50bx AE45LCView
CorbonDPX45C225 Corbon 45 Long Colt 225 Grain Deep Penetrating X Bullet Ammunition Md: DPX45C225 DPX45C225 View
CorbonHT45C300JSP20Corbon 45LC Mag +P JSP 300Gr 20 Per Box HT45C300JSP20View
CorbonHT45C335HC20Corbon 45LC Mag +P HC 335Gr 20 Per Box HT45C335HC20View
Liberty AmmunitionLACD45013Liberty Civil Defense 45 LC 78 Gr LF Fragmenting HP 20 Round LACD45013View
RemingtonR45C1Remington 45LC 225Gr LD SWC Pistol & Revolver 50 Rds Ammunition R45C1View
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