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Wholesale Hunter insures your privacy when ordering online or via telephone.  Your personal information will not be sold, traded, or given away in any way shape or form to another company of any kind for any reason.  You will not be solicited via phone unless this is your wish.  The only further notification or sales material you may receive will be via email or via catalog.   We respect the rights of any and all who order from us.

We are making great strides to make this a better web site for all who visit thanks to your terrific suggestions.  Keep them coming!

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Who Are We?

This section details who we are and what we are all about.

  • A Powerful 100+ Meg Database of Raw Information
    *And Growing!

You get all the information you need right here in one spot.  Most items have full color pictures and detailed descriptions to ensure you are getting exactly what you want!

  • Secure Online Ordering

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Ordering couldn't be more secure here at Wholesale Hunter. Your credit card information never travels the internet in one piece.  It is fragmented, encrypted and security password protected.

This site is SECURE

  • Shopping Cart Technology

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For easy and precise ordering every time, feel free to sit back and shop with style.
  • Toll Free Number
Don't want to release your credit card over the internet or just feel like talking to a professional?  Give us a call toll free at:


  • Answers to Your Questions
Email us to get your questions answered.  Ask our technical support staff anything you want within the industry.  If we absolutely cant answer your question, we will find someone that can!
  • Variety and Availability
Thousands and thousands of products available to you.   We have a wide variety of hunting, outdoor, and law enforcement goods so you don't have to shop anywhere else. Maintaining an extremely large warehouse of goods helps to provide you with quick and efficient service with improved availability when you need it most!
  • Consumer Oriented
This web site was built and maintained with the consumer in mind.  We are here to serve YOU!  Have a suggestion for us to help make this a better site?  Please let us know!
  • Speed
This site is geared for speed in the way it is built.   The detailed descriptions are there for each product when YOU want to get it.   No wasted information is downloaded to save you time when you travel the internet. 


Informational Links to Factories

Factory web pages, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and addresses all right here!


We Ship UPS Ground or Post Office. You pay actual freight + insurance.





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