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Cough Muffler Cough Muffler Cough Silencer Muffler @ 13501
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Cough Muffler Cough Silencer Muffler @ 13501

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Mfg#: COUG 13501
SKU: 1014809
UPC: 684359135011

Qty in stock: 0

Price: $16.09
MSRP: $18.68


The original cough silencer. Patented. Has a cough ever spoiled your hunt? Never again will this happen to you if you have a SILENCER. Usually the more you try to suppress a cough the bigger it gets, and coughs won't just go away. Coughing into your coat still sounds like a car door slamming. Lozenges don't seem to work. The only cure is to cough! The "SILENCER" allows you to do just that. You can cough as loud and hard as you want without spooking the game you are after. Usuful for Hunting, Wildlife Photography, Surveillance, Police and Military.

Model: 13501

UPC: 684359135011

SKU: 1014809
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Cough Muffler Cough Silencer Muffler @

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