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Winchester Ammo Winchester Ammo Super-X 225 55Gr PSP 20 Rds Ammunition X2251
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Winchester Ammo Super-X 225 55Gr PSP 20 Rds Ammunition X2251

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Mfg#: WINC X2251
SKU: 18156
UPC: 020892200531

Qty in stock: 0

Price: $42.60
MSRP: $44.95

The Winchester line of Super-X Centerfire Rifle ammunition continues to be the best you can buy, and it is still made in the USA. The Pointed Soft Point bullet design retains velocity over long ranges. Soft nose initiates rapid bullet expansion. Jacket and core toughness vary according to caliber and weight of bullet.

Symbol: X2251
Caliber: 225 Winchester
Bullet Weight: 55 Grains
Bullet Type: Pointed Soft Point
Game Selector Guide: Varmint
CXP Guide Number: 1 (Varmints)

Test Barrel Length: 24"

Velocity (Feet Per Second):
- Muzzle: 3570
- 100yds: 3066
- 200yds: 2616
- 300yds: 2208
- 400yds: 1838
- 500yds: 1514

Energy (Foot Pounds):
- Muzzle: 1556
- 100yds: 1148
- 200yds: 836
- 300yds: 595
- 400yds: 412
- 500yds: 280

Trajectory, Short Range:
- 50yds: 0.2
- 100yds: 0.6
- 150yds: 0
- 200yds: -1.7
- 250yds: -4.6
- 300yds: -9.0

Trajectory, Long Range:
- 100yds: 2.4
- 150yds: 2.8
- 200yds: 2.0
- 250yds: 0
- 300yds: -3.5
- 400yds: -16.3
- 500yds: -39.5

UPC: 020892200531

SKU: 18156
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Product Specs

Bullet Type: Soft Point
Grain: 55 GR
Caliber: 225MIN

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Winchester Ammo Super-X 225 55Gr PSP 20 Rds Ammunition X2251

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