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Home Page / Reloading / Bullets / SKU # 3382

Hornady Hornady 25 Caliber Bullets 117 Gr RN (Per 100) 2550
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Hornady 25 Caliber Bullets 117 Gr RN (Per 100) 2550

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Mfg#: HORN 2550
SKU: 3382
UPC: 090255225501
Style:117 Gr RN (Per 100)
Available Quantity: 29
Price: $28.54
MSRP: $33.01

Rifle Bullets
25 Caliber (.257)
117 Grain Round Nose
Packed Per 100

Hunters worldwide use InterLock bullets to take everything from antelope to zebra and from whitetails to wildebeest. It's such a proven performer, Hornady selected it to load into enhanced performance Light Magnum and Heavy Magnum ammunition. How the Interlock Bullet works: It all happens in less than 1 /100th of a second. Yet it takes decades of experience in the design and manufacture of bullets to make it happen the same shot after shot after shot.

InterLock consistently performs under more shooting conditions than any other bullet. 1. On impact, the soft lead point is immediately pushed back and begins to expand in diameter. 2. The copper jacket, inner grooved at the bullet's point, folds back behind the leading edge of the expanding lead core. 3. The classic mushroom is achieved by the jacket and core expanding at the same rate. Expansion is controlled by increased resistance from the growing thickness of the copper jacket. 4. The InterLock ring, imbedded in the lead core, assures that the jacket and core will not separate as the bullet reaches its full expansion.

Note: These are component bullets, not loaded ammunition.

117 Gr RN (Per 100)

UPC: 090255225501

SKU: 3382
This item cannot be shipped via the post office.

Product Specs

Bullet Type: RN
Grain: 117
Bullet Diameter: 257
Caliber: 25

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Hornady 25 Caliber Bullets 117 Gr RN (Per 100)

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