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Home Page / Reloading / Bullets / SKU # 398

Hornady Hornady 6mm Bullets 58 Gr V-Max Moly (Per 100) 24113
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Hornady 6mm Bullets 58 Gr V-Max Moly (Per 100) 24113

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Mfg#: HORN 24113
SKU: 398
UPC: 090255241136
Style:58 Gr V-Max Moly (Per 100)

Qty in stock: 0

Price: $21.19
MSRP: $29.77

6MM (.243)
58 Grain V-Max (Varmint Maximum) Moly Coated
Packed Per 100

Hornady V-MAX bullets may be bad news for varmints, but they're great news for your favorite varmint rifle. Because now, V-MAX bullets are available with a performance-enhancing molybdenum disulfide coating. Moly-coating virtually eliminates copper fouling in the rifle bore if you start with a clean barrel, so you can fire more rounds without stopping to clean your barrel. That's a big timesaver when you're varmint shooting. And because moly-coating acts as a lubricant, you reduce barrel wear--your rifle will shoot straighter, longer. Plus, as an added bonus, moly-coated bullets offer faster speeds in most calibers. You can't ask for more from a varmint bullet.

Upon impact, the V-MAX tip acts as a wedge, driving backwards into the bullet core and causing dramatic fragmentary expansion--even at low velocities. The light weight of the polymer tip helps place the center of the bullet in the proper relationship to the center of gravity, resulting in optimum flight stability for greater accuracy. The core is swaged up and around the stem of the tip and features a hollow cavity underneath the bottom of the tip, allowing for explosive augmentation once impacted by the tip. The copper jacket is precision engineered to perform in today's fast twist varmint rifles as well as in slower calibers.

The overall V-MAX bullet design combines aerodynamic advantages of the polymer tip with the secant ogive profile creating higher ballistic coefficients. The result is a flat-shooting bullet with better accuracy than comparable varmint bullets. The secant ogive profile, which was pioneered by Hornady for use in hunting bullets, results in low drag and flatter trajectory. The new V-MAX design combines the most ballistically efficient profile with the greatest possible bearing surface for added stability. Boattail and flat base design both offer maximum stability.

Note: These are component bullets, not loaded ammunition.

58 Gr V-Max Moly (Per 100)

UPC: 090255241136

SKU: 398

Product Specs

Caliber: .243 / 6mm Caliber

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Hornady 6mm Bullets 58 Gr V-Max Moly (Per 100)

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