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Heckler & Koch Pistol Heckler & Koch USP9 Compact, V1 DA/SA 9mm, 13 Round M709031-A5
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Pistol Heckler & Koch USP9 Compact, V1 DA/SA 9mm, 13 Round M709031-A5

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Mfg#: HECK M709031-A5
SKU: 54221
UPC: 642230244894
Style:Compact, V1 DA/SA 9mm, 13 Round
Qty: 1
Price: $890.59
MSRP: $992.00

USP Compacts are smaller and lighter than large frame USPs. The reductions in trigger reach and grip circumference increases conceal ability and enhances shooting ergonomics. Unlike some subcompact semiautomatic pistols that use a difficult to shoot "two-finger grip" frame, the USP Compact uses a narrow, full-hand grip frame with a choice of interchangeable extended or flush-fitting magazine floor plates. This makes the pistol easy to shoot without sacrificing conceal ability.
Like their large frame predecessors, USP Compacts are designed with the demanding needs of the law enforcement and military shooters in mind. Using a modified linkless Browning-type action, the USP Compact is built to take the punishment of high-energy +P loads.
To reduce the length of the slide and barrel on the USP Compact, the mechanical recoil reduction system found on large frame USPs has been replaced by a specially designed flat compression spring contained in the captive recoil spring assembly by a polymer absorber bushing. Service life is still engineered to exceed 20,000 rounds.
Easy to shoot, simple to maintain; the USP Compact is a reliable, safe, accurate, and highly concealable pistol.


- Corrosion proof fiber-reinforced polymer frame
- Grooved target triggers
- Polygonal bore profile for increased velocity, easier cleaning, and longer barrel life
- Can be converted to any of nine trigger firing modes
- Specially designed captive recoil spring assembly with polymer absorber bushing
- Choice of corrosion resistant “Hostile Environment” blued finish or stainless steel slide
- One piece machined slide made from nitro-carburized steel
- No snag, bobbed hammer
- Flared recurve trigger guard
- Universal mounting grooves for installing accessories
- Ambidextrous magazine release lever
- Contoured, extended slide release
- Extractor doubles as a loaded chamber indicator
- Patented Lock-Out Safety device

Compact, V1 DA/SA 9mm, 13 Round

UPC: 642230244894

SKU: 54221

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Heckler & Koch USP9 Compact, V1 DA/SA 9mm, 13 Round

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