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Home Page / Reloading / Presses / SKU # 56260

Hornady Hornady 366 Auto Shotshell Reloader 410ga 2 1/2 010047
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Hornady 366 Auto Shotshell Reloader 410ga 2 1/2 010047

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Mfg#: HORN 010047
SKU: 56260
UPC: 090255010473
Style:410ga 2 1/2

Qty in stock: 0

Price: $750.12
MSRP: $844.93

Hornady's 366 Auto Shotshell Reloading Press is the ideal press for the avid target shooter. The time-tested design lets you load high-quality, low-cost ammo in a hurry just set the case and wad in place, and pull the handle. The 366 Auto does the rest, automatically.


- Primer Tube Filler: Every 366 Auto includes our Primer Tube Filler. Holds a full box of shotshell primers, and fills the tube with a turn of the dial. Won't drop primers upside-down into the tube.
- Easy Empty Powder and Shot Hopper Tubes: If you need to empty your powder or shot, this entire assembly can be easily removed without spilling a feature unique to the 366 Auto. Baffles let powder and shot flow more smoothly for more uniform loads from start to finish.
- Automatic Primer Feed System: Makes priming shells automatic with the pull of the handle. Extremely smooth and reliable design reduces to nearly zero the chances of crushing the primer. Primer Tube Filler ensures no upside-down primers enter the feeder tube.
- Three Stage Taper Loc Crimping: Starts crimp, closes and tapers. Perform more reliable crimping with both six or eight point crimps. Give factory taper to your shells.
- Standard Shot and Powder: These easy-to-change standard bushings make it easy to switch to a different shot or powder for most popular target loads.
- Powder Shut-Off and Shot Shut-Off: The shut-offs for powder and shot let you operate the machine as you need to by shutting off individual stations.
- Swing Out Wad Guide: The wad guide swings out to give you better access, making it easier to place the wad. Helps to speed up your reloading.
- Automatic Indexing: Each pull of the lever automatically rotates the shell plate, so you don't have to do it manually. You'll be amazed at how much faster and smoother your reloading efforts go with auto indexing.
- Full-Length Resizing Station: You can resize your shells to factory dimensions, or skip this station entirely and speed up your reloading. Many presses force you to resize. The 366 Auto gives you the choice.
- Primer Catcher: Every pull of the handle ejects the spent primer from fired shells into the primer catcher for neat, easy disposal.
- Automatic Shell Ejection: Completed shells are automatically ejected behind the press, so you don't have to remove them manually. Another speed advantage over other presses.
- Shot Drain Holes in Shell Plate: If you reload, you will eventually spill shot. Spilled shot rolls to the edge of the shell plate and through the holes, so it won't jam.
- All Diecast Construction: Solid die-cast frame is long lasting, and provides a stable, rigid platform for precision reloading.

410ga 2 1/2

UPC: 090255010473

SKU: 56260
No specifications information on file.

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Hornady 366 Auto Shotshell Reloader 410ga 2 1/2

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