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Hornady Hornady 10mm by 180 Gr XTP (Per 20) 9126
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Hornady 10mm by 180 Gr XTP (Per 20) 9126

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Mfg#: HORN 9126
SKU: 7830
UPC: 090255391268
Style:180 Gr XTP (Per 20)
Qty: 79
Price: $18.84
MSRP: $23.55

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Hornady's pistol ammo delivers both accurate and dependable knockdown power. Included in the features are select cases that are chosen to meet unusually high standards for reliable feeding, corrosion resistance, proper hardness, and the ability to withstand maximum chamber pressures along with primers that are chosen for their ability to quickly, completely, and reliably ignite the powder charge.


- Bullet Type: XTP
- Muzzle Energy: 556 ft lbs
- Muzzle Velocity: 1180 fps


- Caliber: 10 MM
- Bullet Weight: 180 GR
- Rounds/box: 20 Rounds Per Box, 10 Boxes Per Case

180 Gr XTP (Per 20)

UPC: 090255391268

SKU: 7830

Product Specs

Bullet Type: JHP/XTP
Grain: 180
Caliber: 10MMAUTO

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Hornady 10mm by Hornady 180 Gr XTP (Per 20)

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