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Burris Laser Rangefinding Scope, 4-12x42mm Ballistic Plex, Matte Black 200110
Burris Laser Rangefinding Scope, 4-12x42mm Ballistic Plex, Matte Black 200110
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MFG NO 200110
SKU 58077
UPC 000381001108

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We hunters and shooters have waited a long time for the integration of a laser rangefinder into a riflescope in a way that will hold together under severe recoil, is affordable, and is of a size and weight that is workable for everyday field use. After over a decade of research, development, and testing, the LaserScope by Burris answers these calls.

Clear, Solid, Accurate, Affordable
First, you can count on the vivid, bright, and crystal clear optics for which Burris is world renown. Second, you can count on rock solid severe recoil performance. Third, the laser rangefinder is among the best performers on the market. Fourth, the simple and proven effectiveness of the Burris Ballistic Plex reticle is incorporated in the LaserScope so once you range the target you can hold dead on and squeeze with total confidence. This is accomplished in mere seconds without losing sight of your target. Lastly, all this can be done without taking out a second mortgage and without needing a new membership at the health spa.

Yes, it looks different
The LaserScope looks and handles a little different from a conventional riflescope - it has to. The LaserScope is quite a technologically sophisticated instrument with micro-sized advanced circuitry, a precision beam splitter, exacting calibration requirements, an ultra high performance lens system, and a design that must withstand extreme elements and severe recoil. So get used to a new look in riflescopes, and with the new look, a new level of utility and performance.

Remote Activation
Although fully functional as a self-contained single unit, the LaserScope also comes with a remote activation switch that straps to the forearm of a rifle and allows you more convenient and steady operation of the laser.

Lowest Possible Mounting
The advanced technology to produce the LaserScope recently became available and Burris is likely not the only one to integrate a laser into a riflescope. However, because you are surrounded by fellow shooters and hunters at Burris, and because Burris has some of the finest and most experienced gun and optics related mechanical engineers, Burris has developed and protected the most optimal mounting system possible. This unique mount allows the lowest possible mounting of the LaserScope to the rifle. Other configurations likely are a full two height sizes higher than this unique Burris design. It's important because the LaserScope by nature of it's shape, when mounted at it's lowest possible mounting, compares to high rings on a conventional riflescope. So, without the unique ultra low mounting configuration of Burris, you end up with an Extra Extra High mount that makes you lift your head considerably from the stock to view through the scope.

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