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ExtremeBeam XT8 KIT - M - Strobe 850 Ft Range Md: EB-AB-B01

ExtremeBeam XT8 KIT - M - Strobe 850 Ft Range Md: EB-AB-B01

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XT8 KIT - M - Strobe 850 Ft Range

The XT8-M FLASH Pro-Ranger Flashlight Kit from ExtremeBeam has an 850 foot range, a 5-mode switch and a momentary "Hyper-Flash". The additional "Hyper-Flash" feature is for non-lethal disorientation and emergency signaling. In addition to the standard high, medium and low settings, the 5-mode switch offers SOS and the hyper-flash option. At 290 Lumens and 8,000 LUX @ 1 meter, the XT8-M FLASH Pro-Ranger is an extremely powerful 5.62 ounces tactical flashlight. It is the perfect light for the hunter or outdoorsman who wants lightweight and high power in a flashlight. Used within a city environment, the XT8-M FLASH can easily light up the top of a 15 story building, allowing police and rescue teams added flexibility for visual identification over extended ranges.

The XT8-M FLASH provides the operator with a highly defined and contrasted beam of bright white light. This high definition advantage coupled with its extreme brightness provides visual landscape penetration beyond that of traditional searchlights giving both the Soldier and Search and Rescue team member, a flashlight which can be easily carried for long distances while providing exceptional performance, rugged dependability, and extended battery life.

With its unique attached belt/pocket clip and blinding, precision-focused, fixed beam, the XT8-M FLASH is designed for extreme brightness and battery efficiency. The precision optical reflector along with the high-output LED light-source provides the XT8 with 8500+LUX of extraordinarily bright high-definition lighting. This hyper-flash ability coupled with its 260 meter projection, gives the soldier/policeman/sportsman the ability to temporarily night-blind a target, thereby providing the additional life-saving seconds of advantage in close-confrontation situations. The XT8-M FLASH is 5.6 ounces of ExtremeBeam machine and is made of heavy high-density aluminum.


- Fixed beam at 850 feet for long range illumination
- Weapon-mountable and anti-recoil technology for the hunter, soldier and search/rescue team member
- Measured gun range light projection: 850' / 260m
- Battery type: 2, 3.0 to 4.2 volt CR123 batteries
- Switch type: momentary on/off switch, shoulder protected
- 5 flash modes: high, medium, low, S.O.S and flash
- Waterproof to 16.4' / 5 m
- I-Safe


- Lamp Type: High-Output LED
- Maximum Output: 290 Lumens, 8,000 LUX
- Battery / Runtime High/Medium/Low: 3/5/10 Hours
- Construction: High-Density Aluminum
- Waterproofing: Waterproof
- Length: 5.4"
- Head Bezel Width: 1.32"
- Main Body Width: .998"
- Weight with Batteries - 5.62 oz
- Ingress protection: IP68
Mfg No: EB-AB-B01
Manufacturer: ExtremeBeam

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Weight: 0.5 pounds.
Dimensions: 8.625 (L) x 6.5 (W) x 1.75 (H) inches.:

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