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9.3X74R Rifle New Sabatti Classic  92  Silver Coin Finish  Engraved Receiver  Side by Side Double Big Game Rifle

9.3X74R Rifle New Sabatti Classic 92 Silver Coin Finish Engraved Receiver Side by Side Double Big Game Rifle

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MFG NO SB-CL92-937
SKU 11126771

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New Sabatti Classic 92 Silver coin finish engraved receiver. 9.3X74R Side by Side double big game rifle. Double triggers with Extractor.

The 9.3X74R is a long tapered rim carriage used in Europe for Brown Bears and Scandinavian Moose. It has also been used extensively in Africa to take all game including Elephant. The bullet at 286 grains and a diameter of .366 is similar in weight and size as a .375 H&H and most African countries that allow a .375 to be used on dangerous also allow the use of the 9.3X74R

Excellent Guide rifle. Short light and fast handling, shoulders quick like a fine shotgun with plenty of power for any North American game as well being able to handle most African game.

Designed and manufactured to assure performance, strength, reliability & accuracy. The receiver is forged & milled from a solid block of high strength steel.

IFG Sabatti rifles are built with the latest CNC machinery for tight tolerance, precision fit and lower cost of production blended with Old world craftsmanship to have the best of both worlds.

All Classic 92 rifles have a mono barrel block with dual lugs for extraordinary strength and easily handle 9.3x74R ammunition.

This rifle has double triggers with extractors. Extractor are preferred by some hunter because they are foolproof reliable and the action is easier to close.

The safety is tang mounted and slides forward to fire.

Engraved Silver Coin finished receiver with wild boar scene. The receiver is equal in size of a 20 gauge side by side shotgun..

24" barrels are made from 4140 chrome molybdenum steel and are cold hammer forged. They are hand regulated and brazed for extraordinary strength and long life then finished in a high luster blued.

All IFG Sabatti rifles are proof tested by Italian law to C.I.P. standards at 25% over pressure of standard factory ammunition. The barrels are measured before and after firing 2 over pressure rounds and checked for any changes in measurements. Only then will the barrels be stamped with the Government's Proof House stamp and returned to the manufacturer for sale.

Fiber Optic front and rear express sight. The rifle is pre sighted and regulated for use with 325 grain Hornady FTX ammunition at 2050 FPS. However the rear sight is adjustable for Windage and elevation adjustments are made by replacing the front sight blades available at IFG.

A Weaver style scope base is included with mounting screws. An optional 12 mm European quick debatable Scope base is available from IFG. The scope base is designed to straddle the quarter rib behind the rear sight and attaches with 4 provided screws. The European 12 mm Contessa type base is the preferred base for this type of rifle due to its low profile, strong recoil lug and the ability to quickly detach your scope and still use your express sights over the base. Also this type of base does not detract from the clean appearance of the rifle.

The beautiful enhanced walnut stock with full cheek piece and beavertail forearm are hand checkered and oil finished. For added comfort, the stock has a vented recoil pad.

We provide a set of non-detachable sling swivels with the rifle but they are not installed because some hunter's prefer not to have a sling on a DGR. If you prefer sling swivels, the provided sling swivels can be install by any competent gunsmith at your option.

Rifle weight is 7.4 lbs.

Owner’s manual, Warrantee and test target included.

The rifle is regulated and sighted in at 50 yards with Hornady ammunition. Guaranteed for both barrels to shoot inside of a 2 1/2" circle at 50 yards or better from center to center when using the Hornady ammunition it was regulated for.

New production for IFG from famous Italian gun maker Sabatti.

Imported, distributed and serviced by IFG, Italian Firearm Group in Amarillo Texas.

These are high quality rifles with a solid warrantee we stand behind.

IFG offers a satisfaction and accuracy guarante

Craig Boddington recently tested and reviewed several of the new Sabatti rifles and said they were some of the finest double rifles he has ever shot at any price. He was so impressed that he purchased one of the Sabatti rifles he reviewed. See his Article in Petersen Hunting Dangerous Game Issue December 2016.

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