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Defender Holster Glock 43

Defender Holster Glock 43

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MFG NO 1053
SKU 11156163
UPC 811256024739

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Defender Holster - Glock 43, Right Hand, BlackThe Defender is the most popular and most loved holster. The easily interchangeable belt loops take you seamlessly from your outside the waistband range set up, to your highly concealable inside the waistband daily carry in no time at all. The Defender features easily adjustable retention and they are designed to be so comfortable and lightweight , you may just forget you're wearing one.
- Lightweight, durable kydex
- Includes a set of inside and outside the waistband belt loops
- Adjustable retention
- Compatible with our M.O.L.L.E. backplate for a wide variety of carry options
- L.A.G. Tactical custom Kydex holsters are designed to meet each individual shooter preference.
- By hand making every holster and custom tailoring them to fit each individual shooter's unique needs, our concealed carry holsters and owb holsters are 2 to none.
- Kydex holsters are extremely comfortable and are designed to keep the gun close to the body, making it easy to conceal carry mid to full size gun in a t-shirt without printing (seeing the outline of the gun under the clothing).

All of our custom holsters come standard with BOTH iwb and owb (inside and outside the waistband) belt loops; so you can go from concealed carry to open carry in minutes with one holster.
Not every Kydex holster is made equally. L.A.G. Tactical is committed to re-defining the industry standards. Each holster is custom made to order with strict attention to detail and customer specifications. All friction is isolated to the retention area reducing wear on your guns finish. Non light bearing holsters have adjustable retention, and ALL holsters are adjustable for ride height and angle of the gun. The molding process is designed to keep the back of the holster flatter and closer to your body. With less of the pistols bulk digging into your side, the holsters are extremely comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. All of the holsters are custom formed to fit the curvature of your body, making them easier to conceal as well. Each of our custom Kydex holsters are made as compact as possible by removing excess and unnecessary material.
Manufacturer: L.A.G. Tactical
Model: 1053

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L.A.G. Tactical
Phone:   775-636-6532
Website:   http://www.lagtactical.com
Address:   2325 Dickerson Rd

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