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Cass Creek Game Calls Nomad MX3 Predator Call with Transmitter CC 938

Cass Creek Game Calls Nomad MX3 Predator Call with Transmitter CC 938

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The Nomad MX3 uses state of the art remote technology to produce live sounds over its extra large high definition speaker. The receivers may be located 100 yards or more from the transmitter.

The Nomad MX3 Receiver is capable of being used as a stand-alone unit or as multiple receivers to produce "moving sound". Additional Receivers may be used to increase the volume and direction of the sound.

"Moving sound" can be created by simply toggling the sound bar in the direction you wish to make the sound travel from receiver to receiver.

The Transmitter allows the operator to adjust the volume of the remote receivers. The LED's on the transmitter indicate the current volume setting. Each unit is equipped with backlit channels A, B, C, which allow for the programming of each receiver.

This unparalleled technology creates "moving sound" similar to an animal in motion.

Nomad MX3 Transmitter Features:
- Small, hand held, simple, single hand operation.
- Long distance transmission, for longest distance, pull up antenna.
- Independent control of up to 3 channels. More than one receiver can be on any given channel.
- Transmits 5 live game sounds.
- Press channel buttons (A B C) any one, two or all three.
- Press moving sound button in order to make the sound travel.
- Hunter can select or deselect channels in the Moving Sound Scan by simply pressing the channel button.
- The speaker volume associated with each channel can be silently controlled by the wireless transmitter without having to even touch the receivers.
- Includes batteries.

Nomad MX3 Receivers/Call Features:
- Works with wireless transmitter or as a stand alone animal call
- Extra large, extra loud weather resistant speaker
- Volume level can be set manually or remotely from the transmitter
- Select one of three wireless channels, so the receiver can be controlled independently or as a team of speakers by the wireless transmitters
- Belt clip
- Includes batteries
- On/Off LED light indicator

Predator call makes the following 5 sounds:
- JACK RABBIT - A low pitched distress call with drawn out tones.
- COTTONTAIL RABBIT - A higher pitched squeal, more exited and urgent call.
- COYOTE HOWL - A communicating call announcing territory, luring other canines.
- PUP YIPS - Sharp, short tones of young coyotes making maternal calls.
- FAWN DISTRESS - A stressful/drawn out call used by young deer when separated from their mother.

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