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Lee Pro Disk Powder Measure Update Kit Md: 90377 90377
Lee Pro Disk Powder Measure Update Kit Md: 90377 90377
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MFG NO 90377
SKU 1082101
UPC 734307903770

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Lee Pro Disk Powder Measure Update Kit Md: 90377

Auto disk powder measure - automatically dispense charges more uniformly than any other powder measure. The case itself actuates the measure as the neck is being flared. Pro auto-disk powder measure- elastomer wiper and teflon coated metal casting make this smoothest operating measure. Pro auto-disk update kit - update any Lee auto-disk powder measure with all Pro features, except for the Teflon coating. Double disk-kit - this kit raises the hopper so you can stack two disks. Adjustable charge bar - Infinitely adjustable between .28 and 1.6cc. Lifetime nylon with solid brass, zero backlash micrometer. Easy to set. Rifle charging die- this die is used to charge small capacity rifle cases using the auto-disk powder measure. It works the same as the pistol powder through expanding dies except it doesn't expand the case mouth. Rifle case expansion is normally done in the sizing die. Micro disk - accurately measures small charges below the range of the standard Auto-Disk Powder Measure. Audo disk pull back lever - for progressive reloading. Eliminates possibility of power binding while reducing the chance of missed or double charges caused by operator error. Swivel adapter - for fast and easy transfer between die sets. Screws into your die without rotating the measure. Allows precise positioning with firm clamping.

Type: Pro Disk Powder Measure Update Kit
Caliber: All
Size: N/A
Quantity: Each
Weight: N/A

Manufacturer: LEE PRECISION

Model: 90377

Specification   Value
Quantity   1
Phone:   262-673-3075
Website:   http://leeprecision.com
Address:   4275 County Road U

Hartford, WI 53027
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2 $21.53
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