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Magnum Research 500 S&W BFR 10" Barrel 5 Round Black Hogue Rubber Grip Stainless Steel Revolver BFR500SW10

Magnum Research 500 S&W BFR 10" Barrel 5 Round Black Hogue Rubber Grip Stainless Steel Revolver BFR500SW10

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Product Summary

Magnum Research's BFR takes the hunting revolver to another level. Not only does this meticulously crafted revolver give you big bore power for hunting whitetail or hog, it offers superior construction and finishing for a lifetime of use. Whether you use it as a primary hunting weapon, as a back up to a rifle or bow, or as a guide gun, the BFR is a single action revolver you can rely on for power and excitement.


- Finish: Stainless
- Type: Revolver
- Action: Single
- Caliber: 500 Smith & Wesson
- Barrel Length: 10"
- Capacity: 5
- Safety: Spurred
- Grip: Hogue Rubber Grip
- Sight: Fixed Front, Adjustable Rear
- Weight: 69.8 oz.

Caliber Dictionary

The Below Information Has Been Provided From Our Gun Caliber Dictionary And Is Meant For Informational Purposes Only. It Is Not Intended to Describe The Unique Specifications For This Ammunition.
Introduced in 2003 in S&W's big "X-Frame" revolver, the 500 S&W restored Smith & Wesson's title as producer of the world's most powerful handgun. Using a .500-inch bullet from a 1.6252-inch case, the 500 S&W propels a 300-grain bullet at over 2000 fps…and a 500-grain bullet at more than 1400 fps. These are astonishing handgun velocities; with suitable bullets the 500 S&W has been proven adequate for the largest game on Earth. The revolvers that handle this cartridge are large and heavy, and even then recoil is severe (if not ferocious), but with proper handling the 500 S&W is accurate as well as powerful. It is the ultimate choice for the handgun hunter in pursuit of large game...but is not everyone's cup of tea! — Craig Boddington

Specification   Value
Caliber   500 S&W
Condition   New
MFG NO    BFR500SW10
SKU    11047073
UPC    761226033165
Magnum Research
Website:   http://www.magnumresearch.com
Address:   7110 University Ave N.E.

Minneapolis, MN 55432
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