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Gamakatsu R18-B. Barbless Fly Hook, Size 16
Gamakatsu R18-B. Barbless Fly Hook, Size 16
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MFG NO 346202-20
SKU 11103573
UPC 089726106203

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Gamakatsu R18-B. Barbless Fly Hook, Size 16

Gamakatsu's R18-B reflects the very latest in fly hook technology. At a glance you'll notice this barbless hook is different. The matte finish is Nano Smooth Coat, a coating that is slick, virtually frictionless and reduces resistance which enhances hook penetration. The R18-B is a true barbless hook. That is, it was designed from point to eye as a barbless hook, not just a hook that has the barb removed. That's why the unique shape of the R18-B. The "R" refers to "retainer bend" which holds hooked fish significantly better than conventional round bend style hooks. Beyond design is strength. The R18-B is made from 2X heavy Gamakatsu wire that's ideal for use with big fish. Anglers fishing big trout in tailrace fisheries using small flies have asked for a heavier wire hook and Gamakatsu answered with the R18-B. But make no mistake about it, this is a multi-use, multi-species barbless fly hook that will surely find its way into hundreds of fisheries and millions of fly boxes.
- Package: Loose Pack
- Size: 16
- Quantity Per Pack: 20
Mfg No: 346202-20
Manufacturer: Gamakatsu

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