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1873 SAA 45 Colt Revolver Color Case Hardened 5.5" Barrel Walnut Grip Made In Italy By Pietta

1873 SAA 45 Colt Revolver Color Case Hardened 5.5" Barrel Walnut Grip Made In Italy By Pietta

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Product Summary

1873 SAA revolver Color Case Hardened 45 Colt 5.5" Barrel Walnut Grips Made in Italy by Pietta

A beautiful reproduction of the famous Model 1873 Single Action Colt revolver.

This six-shooter is made from top quality steel and features a walnut grip.

This standard model has a color case hardened steel frame with a blued steel cylinder and 5.5" barrel.

Pre War style cylinder pin release for easy cylinder removal.

One of the most typical figures of the old West is perhaps that of the Sheriff, armed with his gun and his star. And that beloved and feared, hated and respected gun, was an authentic milestone in the american history, tied up as it is to the life and to the myth of legendary characters: Buffalo Bill, Billy the Kid, Wild Bill Hickok, the Dalton brothers, Theodore Roosevelt, Captain Jack Crowford. That gun IS the Single Action Army, at once nicknamed “Peacemaker“ for its sure pacifving effect. The project, introduced in 1872, brought forth to face the demand of the american Ordnance Dept. for a new big caliber revolver destined to equip the cavalry, is to a large extent ascribable to a skilled technician named William Mason.

New production in box. Made by the Italian company Pietta with warranty service provided in the USA by Century Arms in Vermont.

In my opinion these Pietta revolvers are on par with the current production Uberti 1873 guns With the main difference of having a transfer bar safety on the Pietta which allows you to carry the gun safely with all 6 chambers loaded. The Uberti guns are excellent guns too but they have the firing pin mounted in the hammer and it is commonly not recommended to carry them with all 6 chambers loaded because the firing pin rest on a live round and can discharge if dropped. This Pietta has an extra safety which requires the trigger to be pulled fully before the transfer bar can allow the firing pin to move.

Type: Revolver
Action: Single
Caliber: 45 Colt (LC)
Barrel Length: 5.5"
Capacity: 6
Hammer Style: Spurred
Transfer bar safety so can be carried with all 6 chambers loaded
Grips:Oil finished Walnut
Sights: Blade Front
Weight : 40.8 oz…
Frame Description: Case Hardened
Cylinder Finish: Blued
Pre War cylinder pin release.
Barrel Finish: Blued
OAL: 11"

Caliber Dictionary

The Below Information Has Been Provided From Our Gun Caliber Dictionary And Is Meant For Informational Purposes Only. It Is Not Intended to Describe The Unique Specifications For This Ammunition.
The 45 Colt (45 Long Colt) was introduced in 1873 in Colt's Single Action Army. Adopted by the U.S. military in 1875, it served until 1892 when it was replaced by the less powerful (and unsatisfactory) 38 Long Colt. Originally loaded with 40 grains of blackpowder and a 255-grain bullet the 45 Colt produced about 900 feet per second for more than 400 foot-pounds of energy, a powerful handgun cartridge for its day--and any day. Using a .454-inch bullet, today's standard load retains the 255-grain bullet at 860 fps. Lighter bullets at somewhat higher velocities are available. 45 Colt was the most common chambering in Colt's single action. Today it is chambered in virtually all centerfire single-action revolvers and has been chambered in numerous large-frame double-action revolvers. 45 Colt is the most popular revolver cartridge in cowboy action shooting, and remains a powerful and effective personal defense cartridge, its only drawback being the necessity for a large revolver to house it. — Craig Boddington

Specification   Value
Caliber   45 Colt
Condition   New
MFG NO    HG3186TB
SKU    11120306
UPC    787450229686
Phone:   39 030 3737098
Email:   info@pietta.it
Website:   http://www.pietta.us/products/

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Most Helpful Positive Review
Great CAS gun. Lots of fun to shoot. Fit and finish is fine too. Would buy again.
Most Helpful Negative Review
Great CAS gun. Lots of fun to shoot. Fit and finish is fine too. Would buy again.
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I have several reproduction 1873 revolvers from Taylor and Cimaron and this is just as good. It looks and functions flawlessly and just as good as any of the other I own..
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