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Used Weatherby MKV Camilla DLX 240 Wby Rifle 24" Barrel 5 Round Claro Walnut

Used Weatherby MKV Camilla DLX 240 Wby Rifle 24" Barrel 5 Round Claro Walnut

Product Summary

Used Weatherby MKV Camilla DLX 240 Wby Rifle 24" Barrel 5 Round Claro Walnut

This item is either a dealer sample, refurbished, or has been used. This item cannot be sold as new due to being used, factory refurbished, blemished, etc. All sales are final.

You could say I have an older sister by the same name: Vanguard Camilla. She was introduced to the delight of female hunters last year. For 2018 and beyond, Weatherby created me to join her. We both share the same specially-designed stock geometry made to fit a woman’s form. The biggest difference is my classic 6-lug Mark V action, AA-grade Claro Walnut stock and hand-lapped barrel. Yes, I’m feminine, but I pack a big punch.

- SUB-MOA accuracy guarantee (.99” or less 3-shot group at 100 yards when used with Weatherby® factory or premium ammunition)
- LXX Trigger
- Fluted Bolt Body
- 54-Degree Bolt Lift
- Integral Recoil Lug
- Cocking Indicator
- Magnum 9-Lug or Standard 6-Lug Action

- Caliber: 240 Wby. Mag.
- Weight: 6 1/2 lbs.
- Overall Length: 43 1/2"
- Mag. Capacity: 5+1
- Barrel Length/Contour: 24" #1
- Rifling: 1-10"
- Length of Pull: 13"
- Drop at Comb: 7/8"
- Drop at Heel: 2 1/4"
- Monte Carlo: 3/4"

- "AA" fancy grade claro walnut
- Stock designed to properly fit a woman's body by a group of women hunters and shooters
- Grip angle has been changed and made more slim and a slight trigger finger guide groove has been added for improved grip ergonomics
- Shorter, slimmer forearm and grip with right side palm swell for better balance and fit
- Aluminum pillar bedded
- Fineline, diamond point Fleur-de-lis checkering
- Exotic hardwood forend and grip cap with maplewood spacers
- Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad

Barrel and Metalwork:
- Hand-lapped chrome-moly barrel with field crown
- Accubrake™ comes standard on 378, 416 and 460 Wby. Mag models
- Blued metalwork in high luster finish


Caliber Dictionary

The Below Information Has Been Provided From Our Gun Caliber Dictionary And Is Meant For Informational Purposes Only. It Is Not Intended to Describe The Unique Specifications For This Ammunition.
Introduced in 1968, the 240 Weatherby Magnum was Roy Weatherby's final addition to his line of Weatherby Magnum cartridges. The case is belted and uses the signature Weatherby "double Venturi" shoulder, but the rim diameter (.473-inch) and case length (2.5 inches) are the same as the .30-06 family. The 240 Weatherby is the fastest commercial 6mm cartridge, propelling a 100-grain bullet at almost 3400 feet per second in Weatherby factory ammunition. Extremely flat-shooting, it is a fine cartridge for deer and pronghorn out to at least 300 yards, and with lighter bullets is an excellent long-range varmint cartridge. Weatherby has been the only ammunition manufacturer, and other than custom rifles only Weatherby has chambered rifles to the 240. — Craig Boddington

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Caliber   240 Weatherby Magnum
Condition   Used
SKU    11269143
UPC    NOUPC153818
Phone:   805-227-2600
Website:   http://www.weatherby.com
Address:   1605 Commerce Way

Paso Robles, CA 93446
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