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Mus Elite WCKY Jg HD 3/16Oz 1/0 3Pk

Mus Elite WCKY Jg HD 3/16Oz 1/0 3Pk

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Mus Elite WCKY Jg HD 3/16Oz 1/0 3Pk

Mus Elite WCKY Jg HD 3/16Oz 1/0 3Pk

Manufacturer: MUSTAD

Model: WH102-3/16-MBL-3

The Mustad Wacky Jig Head features a weighted head that improves the action of the bait and you will cover more ground in search of that tournament winning fish. Mustad used a proprietary injection molding technique to create these new 100% unique jig heads. To set up your Wacky rig, place the hook fully exposed and centered on the body of the worm, making the bait sag equally on both sides. Using worms 6-7 inch long produce the most live action. Fishing the wacky worm is really quite simple, let the worm sink, rest a short while and then pick your rod tip up to bring the bait up in the water column and let it sink back down. The vast majority of your bites on a wacky rig are going to come while it`s sinking. Using a thin braided line like Mustad Thor ML031 or fluorocarbon line lets you have the full control of your bait, at all times, leaving no fish unhooked. Each hook is forged and has black nickel finish. They also feature Mustad’s Opti Angle Needle hook point for faster hook sets and maximum durability. Matte black finish.

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MFG NO    WH102-3/16-MBL-3
SKU    11434821
UPC    023534046610
Mustad Hooks
Phone:   315-253-2793
Email:   FrontOffice@mustad-usa.com
Website:   http://www.mustad.no
Address:   241 Grant Ave
P.O.Box 838
Auburn, NY 13021
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