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L.E. Wilson Trimmer Case Holder 6mm, 6.5-284 Winchester (Standard)

L.E. Wilson Trimmer Case Holder 6mm, 6.5-284 Winchester (Standard)

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L.E. Wilson Trimmer Case Holder 6mm and 6.5-284 Winchester (Standard) The L.E. Wilson Trimmer Case Holder provides the ultimate accuracy and uniformity for trimming your cases. The unique design of the case holder supports the case body and much like a chamber of a firearm. The Case Holders are precisely manufactured for consistent results and repeatability. The case holders can also be used for primer pocket reaming and neck reaming and and deburring with the L.E. Wilson Uniform Deburring tool (sold separately). Case Holders listed will work with all cases: fired and new and resized. Technical Information: -Material: Steel -Fits: L.E. Wilson Case Trimmer -Use: For all cases -To use and simply place the case in the trimmer case holder and tap the case head on a firm surface and and place in the trimmer. The case is easily removed by tapping the case mouth

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MFG NO    CH284W
SKU    11458393
UPC    NOUPC304728
L.E. Wilson
Phone:   509-782-1328
Email:   support@lewilson.com
Website:   http://www.lewilson.com
Address:   404 Pioneer Ave
P.O. Box 324
Cashmere, WA 98815
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