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Wby Mkv Standard Action 20moa Scope Base Black

Wby Mkv Standard Action 20moa Scope Base Black

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WBY MKV Standard Action 20MOA Scope Base Blk

The Weatherby Mark V (MKV) Standard Action 20MOA Scope Base is a scope mounting base specifically designed for Weatherby Mark V rifles with a standard action. Here are some details about the Weatherby MKV Standard Action 20MOA Scope Base:

Design: The scope base is designed to provide a 20MOA (Minutes of Angle) elevation to the scope, allowing for increased long-range shooting capabilities by compensating for bullet drop over extended distances.
Compatibility: The base is specifically designed to fit Weatherby Mark V rifles with a standard action. It is important to ensure compatibility with your specific rifle model before purchasing.
Material and Finish: The scope base is typically made from durable materials, such as steel or aluminum, to provide strength and stability. It is commonly finished in a matte black color to minimize reflections and provide a sleek appearance.
Mounting: The base is typically secured to the rifle using screws or other mounting hardware. It is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper installation and ensure a secure and stable mounting platform for your scope.
Purpose: The 20MOA scope base is intended to provide additional elevation adjustment to the scope, which can be beneficial for long-range shooting, extended-range target engagements, or when using scopes with limited internal adjustment range.
When purchasing a Weatherby MKV Standard Action 20MOA Scope Base, it is important to ensure it is compatible with your specific Weatherby Mark V rifle model and action type. I recommend checking with Weatherby or authorized firearm accessory retailers to confirm compatibility and find the appropriate scope base for your rifle.

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