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Fiocchi GLDN BSMUTH 28Ga #4 3" 1350Fps 15/16Oz 10Rd 10Bx/Cs

Fiocchi GLDN BSMUTH 28Ga #4 3" 1350Fps 15/16Oz 10Rd 10Bx/Cs

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Product Summary

Fiocchi GLDN BSMUTH 28Ga #4 3" 1350Fps 15/16Oz 10Rd 10Bx/Cs

Gauge: 28
Length In INCHES: 3
Dram Or Velocity: 1250 Fps.
OUNCES Of Shot: 15/16
Shot Size: #4
SHELLS Per Box: 10.0000
Boxes Per Case: 10.0000
Shot Material: Non-Toxic

Manufacturer: Fiocchi

Model No: 283Gb4

The description you provided appears to be related to Fiocchi shotgun ammunition. Here's a breakdown of the information:

Brand: Fiocchi
Product Name: GLDN BSMUTH
Gauge: 28 Gauge (often written as "28 Ga" or "28 GA"). It's a smaller shotgun gauge suitable for hunting and sport shooting.
Shot Size: #4 - This refers to the size of the shot pellets, with #4 being a medium-sized shot often used for various hunting applications.
Shell Length: 3 inches - This indicates the length of the shotgun shell, which must match the chamber length of the shotgun.
Velocity: 1350 feet per second (fps) - This is the speed at which the shotshell propels the shot pellets.
Shot Weight: 15/16 ounce - This is the weight of the shot pellets in the shell.
Quantity: 10 rounds per box
Packaging: 10 boxes per case
This ammunition is likely intended for hunting or sport shooting with a 28-gauge shotgun. The shot size (#4) and other specifications are important considerations when selecting shotgun ammunition for specific purposes, such as upland bird hunting or target shooting.

Specification   Value
MFG NO    283GB4
SKU    11687327
UPC    NOUPC503010
Fiocchi Ammo
Phone:   417-725-4118
Website:   http://www.fiocchiusa.com
Address:   6930 N. Fremont Road

Ozark, MO 65721
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