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Blackpoint Tactical Outback Chest Holster Fits 5" 1911 Kydex Construction Black Right Hand 105836

Blackpoint Tactical Outback Chest Holster Fits 5" 1911 Kydex Construction Black Right Hand 105836

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BlackPoint Tactical Outback Chest Holster, Fits 5" 1911, Kydex Construction, Black, Right Hand 105836
Model: Outback
Hand: Right Hand
Fit: 1911
Type: Chest Holster
Manufacturer: BlackPoint Tactical
Model: Outback
Mfg Number: 105836

1911 Pistol Compatibility: The holster is specifically designed to fit 1911 pistols with a 5-inch barrel length. It's important to ensure that your specific 1911 model fits within these specifications for proper fit and function.
Kydex Construction: Kydex is a popular material for holsters due to its durability and the ability to retain its shape. It offers excellent retention and trigger guard coverage for added safety.
Black Finish: The holster typically comes in a black finish, providing a discreet and low-profile appearance.
Right-Handed Configuration: The "Right Hand" designation means that this holster is designed for right-handed shooters. It allows for a quick and natural draw with the right hand.
Chest Holster Design: The chest holster is designed to be worn across the chest, providing a secure and easily accessible carry method. This design can be especially useful for outdoor activities, such as hiking or hunting, where a hip holster might not be practical.
Adjustable Straps: The holster usually features adjustable straps, allowing you to customize the fit to your body size and carry preferences.
Retention System: Kydex holsters typically have a retention system that securely holds the firearm in place. This retention system can vary depending on the specific holster model.
Enhanced Safety: Chest holsters can provide added safety by keeping the firearm securely holstered and away from the waist area, reducing the risk of accidental discharges.
Outdoor Use: The chest holster design is often favored by outdoor enthusiasts, as it keeps the firearm readily accessible while leaving the belt area free for other gear.

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MFG NO    105836
SKU    11687482
UPC    NOUPC503536
Blackpoint Tactical
Website:   http://www.blackpointtactical.com

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