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Blackpoint Tactical Leather Wing Owb Belt Holster Fits Springfield Echelon Black Kydex And Leather 1.75" Belt Loops Stra

Blackpoint Tactical Leather Wing Owb Belt Holster Fits Springfield Echelon Black Kydex And Leather 1.75" Belt Loops Stra

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BlackPoint Tactical Leather Wing OWB Belt Holster, Fits Springfield Echelon, Black, Kydex and Leather, 1.75" Belt Loops, Straight Angle, Optics Cut, Tall Sights, Right Hand 160922
Model: Leather Wing OWB
Hand: Right Hand
Accessories: 1.75" Belt Loops
Fit: Springfield Echelon
Type: Belt Holster
Manufacturer: BlackPoint Tactical
Model: Leather Wing OWB
Mfg Number: 160922

Springfield Echelon Compatibility: This holster is specifically designed to fit the Springfield Echelon pistol. It's essential to ensure that your specific Springfield Echelon model is compatible with this holster for proper fit and function.
Kydex and Leather Construction: This holster is constructed with a combination of Kydex and leather materials. Kydex is typically used for the holster's shell, providing rigidity and retention, while leather is used for the wing or attachment point. The leather adds comfort and flexibility to the holster.
Black Finish: The holster typically comes in a black finish, providing a discreet and low-profile appearance.
1.75" Belt Loops: The holster is equipped with belt loops that are 1.75 inches in width. This is a common belt size and ensures that the holster is securely attached to your belt for stability and retention.
Straight Angle: The term "straight angle" suggests that this holster has a neutral or straight draw angle, which is suitable for a traditional draw from the hip. This angle provides a natural and ergonomic draw motion.
Outside-the-Waistband (OWB): OWB holsters are designed to be worn outside the waistband, offering accessibility and comfort. However, they may require a cover garment (like a jacket or untucked shirt) for concealed carry.
Wing Attachment: The leather wing attachment is a design feature that helps pull the grip of the firearm closer to the body, reducing printing and making the firearm easier to conceal when worn outside the waistband. It can enhance comfort and concealability.

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MFG NO    160922
SKU    11687537
UPC    NOUPC503904
Blackpoint Tactical
Website:   http://www.blackpointtactical.com

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