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Federal Hevi-bismuth Shotshells 12ga 3" 1-3/8oz 1450 Fps #3 25/ct

Federal Hevi-bismuth Shotshells 12ga 3" 1-3/8oz 1450 Fps #3 25/ct

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Never compromise performance. Federal Premium® HEVI-Bismuth hits both upland birds and waterfowl with the power of 9.6 g/cc density pellets. Sourced from our partners at HEVI-Shot the industry leader in pellet technology HEVI-Bismuth shot is 22 percent denser than steel delivering more lethal energy downrange. Launched by the FLITECONTROL FLEX wad bismuth pellets pattern consistently and their metallic properties make them safe in both modern and classic shotguns.

  • At 9.6 g/cc HEVI-Bismuth pellets are 22 percent denser than steel
  • More downrange energy
  • Higher pellet counts than comparably performing steel
  • Softer than steel and tungsten
  • Rear-deploying FLITECONTROL FLEX wad creates more consistent efficient patterns in ported and non-ported chokes
  • Safe and effective for use in both classic and modern shotguns
  • Pellets are alloyed and cast in the USA

Gauge: These shotgun shells are in 12-gauge, which is one of the most common shotgun gauges used for various applications, including hunting and sport shooting.
Shell Length: The shells have a length of 3 inches, which is considered a magnum length for 12-gauge shotgun loads. Magnum shells often have higher powder charges and larger shot payloads for increased performance.
Shot Weight: Each shell is loaded with 1-3/8 ounces (approximately 1.375 ounces) of shot. Shot weight is an important factor that affects the performance and effectiveness of shotgun shells.
Velocity: These shells have a velocity of 1450 feet per second (fps). Velocity can impact the range and effectiveness of shotgun loads.
Shot Size: The shot size is #3, which refers to the size of the individual pellets in the shotshell. #3 shot is often used for various hunting applications, including waterfowl and upland game. It is larger than #4 shot.
Quantity: These shotgun shells are typically sold in boxes containing 25 rounds. Having multiple rounds in a box is convenient for hunting or sport shooting outings.
Material: These shells are described as "Hevi-Bismuth," which suggests that they may contain a bismuth-based shot material. Bismuth is commonly used as a non-toxic alternative to lead shot, particularly for waterfowl hunting where lead shot restrictions apply.

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