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Winchester Super-x 12ga 2.75" 1450fps 1-1/4oz 5 25 Round 10 Round

Winchester Super-x 12ga 2.75" 1450fps 1-1/4oz 5 25 Round 10 Round

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Winchester Super-X 12Ga 2.75" 1450Fps 1-1/4Oz 5 25Rd 10Bx/Cs

Other FEATURES:: High Brass
Gauge: 12
Length In INCHES: 2.75
Dram Or Velocity: 1450 Fps.
OUNCES Of Shot: 1-1/4
Shot Size: #5
SHELLS Per Box: 25
Boxes Per Case: 10
Shot Material: Lead

Manufacturer: Winchester Ammunition

Model No: X12HV5

Winchester Super-X is a popular line of shotgun ammunition. The description you provided refers to Winchester Super-X 12-gauge shotgun shells. Here are the key features of these shotgun shells:

Gauge: These shotgun shells are designed for 12-gauge shotguns. The "12ga" designation specifies the gauge or bore size, which is an important specification for selecting compatible ammunition.
Shell Length: The "2.75"" designation specifies the length of the shotgun shell. In this case, it's a standard 2.75-inch shell, which is commonly used in 12-gauge shotguns. The shell length must match the chamber length of your shotgun for safe and effective use.
Velocity: The "1450fps" indicates the velocity or speed of the shotshell. In this case, it travels at 1450 feet per second, which can affect the shell's performance, particularly in terms of pattern and recoil.
Shot Weight: The "1-1/4oz" indicates the shot weight. In this case, it contains 1-1/4 ounces of shot. The shot weight affects the pellet count and pattern density.
Shot Size: The "5" designates the shot size. Shot size refers to the size of the individual pellets in the shotgun shell. In this case, "5" typically represents a medium-sized shot suitable for various hunting applications, including waterfowl and upland game.
Round Count: You mentioned both "25 Round" and "10 Round." These designations typically indicate the quantity of shotgun shells included in the packaging. "25 Round" suggests that a package contains 25 rounds, while "10 Round" suggests a package containing 10 rounds.

Specification   Value
MFG NO    X12HV5
SKU    11688053
UPC    NOUPC503149
Phone:   618-258-2000
Website:   http://www.winchester.com
Address:   427 North Shamrock Street
Alton, IL 62024
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