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Riton 1 Primal Rifle Scope 4-12x50 1" Sfp Firedot Duplex Illum - Black

Riton 1 Primal Rifle Scope 4-12x50 1" Sfp Firedot Duplex Illum - Black

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The Riton 1 Primal 4-12×50 is the optimal hunting scope! The 12x magnification allows you to really see in detail what’s happening down range while the 56mm objective is great in low light situations. With a budget friendly price tag the 1 Primal 4-12×56 riflescope features crystal-clear Riton HD glass an integrated throw lever and fully multi-coated lenses. Complete with a 1-inch tube and capped zero resettable turrets this is a best in class best value optic.

  • Capped Turrets
  • Featuring capped zero resettable turrets
  • 60 MOA Windage and Elevation Adjustment
  • Fast-Focus Eyepiece
  • Assembled in EP-Level Clean Room
  • 100% Waterproof Fog proof and Shockproof (tested up to 1200 G’s)
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum with Rugged Design Ready for the Toughest Environments

Brand: Riton Optics - Riton Optics is a manufacturer of high-quality rifle scopes and other optical products.
Model: Primal Rifle Scope - This indicates the specific model of the rifle scope.
Magnification Range: 4-12x - This means that the scope can provide a variable magnification from 4 times the naked eye view to 12 times the naked eye view. This is useful for precision shooting at various distances.
Objective Lens Diameter: 50mm - The objective lens is responsible for gathering light and transmitting it to your eye. A larger objective lens diameter can provide better light transmission, especially in low-light conditions.
Tube Diameter: 1" - This refers to the diameter of the scope's main tube. It's important for choosing the appropriate scope rings or mounts.
SFP (Second Focal Plane): The reticle in this scope is in the second focal plane. This means that the reticle's size remains the same regardless of the magnification level.
Firedot Duplex Illumination: The Firedot Duplex refers to the type of illuminated reticle. An illuminated reticle can help with target acquisition in low-light conditions. The "Duplex" typically refers to a crosshair-style reticle with thicker outer lines and thinner inner lines.
Color: Black - This indicates the color of the scope's finish, which is typically matte black for reduced glare and reflection.
Riton Optics is known for producing scopes that offer good optical clarity and are built to withstand recoil and harsh conditions. The Primal series is designed for various shooting applications, including hunting and target shooting.

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