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Crucial Concealment Covert Owb Owb Belt Holster Fits Springfield Echelon Kydex Construction Black Right Hand 1335

Crucial Concealment Covert Owb Owb Belt Holster Fits Springfield Echelon Kydex Construction Black Right Hand 1335

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Crucial Concealment Covert OWB, OWB Belt Holster, Fits Springfield Echelon, Kydex Construction, Black, Right Hand 1335
Model: Covert OWB
Hand: Right Hand
Fit: Springfield Echelon
Type: OWB Holster
Manufacturer: Crucial Concealment
Model: Covert OWB
Mfg Number: 1335'

Fits Springfield: This particular holster is designed to fit Springfield handguns. It's essential to confirm the specific model compatibility with your Springfield firearm to ensure a proper fit.
Echelon Kydex Construction: Kydex is a popular material for holsters due to its durability, ruggedness, and ability to retain its shape. The Echelon Kydex construction indicates a quality build for longevity and consistent performance.
Black Finish: The holster comes in a black finish, which is a common color choice for concealed carry holsters. It provides a low-profile and discreet appearance.
Right-Handed Configuration: The "Right Hand" designation means that this holster is designed to be worn on the right side of the body for right-handed shooters. It allows for a quick and natural draw with the right hand.
Outside-the-Waistband (OWB): OWB holsters are typically worn on the outside of the belt, making them suitable for open carry or concealed carry with appropriate clothing. They offer good accessibility to the firearm but may require a cover garment for concealed carry.
Belt Attachment: This holster is designed to be attached to a belt, providing a secure and stable platform for carrying your firearm. It's essential to ensure that your belt size and design are compatible with the holster's attachment system.
Covert Design: The term "Covert" may suggest that the holster is designed to be discreet and not draw attention to the fact that you are carrying a firearm.
Retention: Holsters often have a retention system to keep the firearm secure. The specific retention mechanism may vary, so it's essential to become familiar with the holster's retention features.

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