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Edgar Sherman Design Sap Bucket Matte 500 Denier Nylon Esd-sap-vts

Edgar Sherman Design Sap Bucket Matte 500 Denier Nylon Esd-sap-vts

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Edgar Sherman Design SAP Bucket, Matte, 500 Denier Nylon ESD-SAP-VTS
Model: SAP Bucket
Finish/Color: Matte
Manufacturer: Edgar Sherman Design
Model: SAP Bucket
Mfg Number: ESD-SAP-VTS

The ESD Sap Bucket is our solution to all the problems our team and our end users experience with dump pouches. The ESD Sap Bucket is a dump pouch that aids in gear retention, increases consistency when inserting equipment, drains sand, water and snow rapidly and can stow away in a compact package.

When solving all the problems we discovered with existing bags we went to the drawing board to develop the best solution. While rockwall climbing we realized that some of the functionality from chalk bags could be transferred to our Sap Bucket. Using lessons learned from professional end-users as well as our own experiences, we have created a solution for managing magazines, K9 leashes, snacks and everything else you’d want to retain in a dump pouch. As with all of our ESD gear, the Sap Bucket is proudly 100% made in the USA and Berry compliant.

The Sap Bucket weighs 4 ounces and when rolled up, takes up a 2×2 panel of molle, which allows you to save space on your beltline for other vital pieces of equipment. The Sap Bucket is made of rugged 500 denier Cordura nylon and can be deployed with one hand. Opening up to a massive pouch with a total volume of roughly 6 liters and a generous 7-inch diameter opening. The mouth of the pouch contains a reinforced polymer ring, which keeps the pouch’s structure consistent and keeps the pouch in the same position every time the user needs it. This polymer ring also allows the Sap Bucket to take shape quicker than traditional dump pouches when deploying from its rolled up state. The intuitive shock cord closure system can be used with one hand and will keep the top of the pouch cinched down to prevent any collected items from falling out during dynamic movement, while still giving the user the ability to access items stored inside. It also features a laminate pull tab on the shock cord adjustment to prevent slippage between your fingers and for ease of use with gloves. The bottom of the pouch is made of mesh to allow drainage of water, sand, snow and other debris depending on operational conditions. The mesh bottom also allows for contents to drain quicker than traditional dump pouches, which typically use a single grommet. Additionally, the Sap Bucket features tiedown loops for securing it to your leg for when you are on the go if you don’t want the bag bouncing against you.

The Sap Bucket can also be used for holding just about anything you can think of. The interior of the pouch can hold 7+ standard capacity M4 mags, 2 one-liter Nalgene bottles, 2 Full MRE’s, K9 leashes, staplers, loose ammo, etc.

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Edgar Sherman Design

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