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PPU Blank Rifle Ammunition 7.62mm X 39 M-68 15/ct

PPU Blank Rifle Ammunition 7.62mm X 39 M-68 15/ct

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PPU Blank Centerfire Rifle Ammunition includes several different options of blank ammo based on the needed caliber and design. PPU has experience producing blank ammunition for the military and the resulting range of blanks was developed to meet the needs of all consumers.

The blank ammunition includes brass cases as well as standard primers which are Boxer type. The PPU blank rifle ammunition available is the same or similar to those used for practice salute fire and even within the film industry. There are over a dozen types of blanks to select from allowing shooters to find the correct option for their rifle.

Caliber Dictionary

The Below Information Has Been Provided From Our Gun Caliber Dictionary And Is Meant For Informational Purposes Only. It Is Not Intended to Describe The Unique Specifications For This Ammunition.
The 7.62X39mm (7.62mm Russian) was adopted by the Soviet Union in 1943, first in the SKS semiautomatic, and then in the famous AK-47 selective fire assault rifle. The concept was based on Russian experience with the 7.92X33mm Kurz in the German MKB42, the world's first assault rifle. The 7.62X39mm has more case capacity, thus higher velocity and somewhat more range than the German cartridge, but the concept remains: A short to medium-range cartridge that offers a high volume of fire as, literally, troops closed in the assault. Although officially replaced by the 5.45X39mm in the AK-74, the 7.62X39mm and its AK-47 remain in use the world over, very possibly the most prolific military rifle and cartridge ever made. The 7.62X39mm has been adapted to the AR platform, and also chambered in various civilian platforms. Firing a 123-grain bullet at 2365 fps, the 7.62X39 is low in recoil and is an excellent deer cartridge at short to medium range.  — Craig Boddington

Specification   Value
Caliber   7.62X39mm
Weight   N/A
Bullet Type   Blank
MFG NO    PPB739
SKU    11707191
UPC    8605003827209
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