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Elftmann Tactical Apex Pro Fa Adjustable Trigger Curved With Red Shoe Fits Ar-15 Anodized Finish Red Apex-pro-r-c-fa

Elftmann Tactical Apex Pro Fa Adjustable Trigger Curved With Red Shoe Fits Ar-15 Anodized Finish Red Apex-pro-r-c-fa

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Elftmann Tactical Apex Pro, FA, Adjustable Trigger, Curved with Red Shoe, Fits AR-15, Anodized Finish, Red APEX-PRO-R-C-FA
Model: Apex Pro
Finish/Color: Anodized
Type: Trigger
Manufacturer: Elftmann Tactical
Model: Apex Pro
Mfg Number: APEX-PRO-R-C-FA

The Elftmann Tactical Apex Pro FA (Fire Activated) Adjustable Trigger is a high-performance trigger system designed for the AR-15 platform. Here are the key features of this specific model:

Adjustable Trigger: The Apex Pro FA trigger offers adjustability to suit individual preferences and shooting styles. Users can customize the trigger pull weight and take-up to achieve the desired feel and performance, providing excellent control and responsiveness.
Curved Trigger Shoe: The trigger shoe is designed in a curved configuration, which conforms to the natural curve of the finger. This design can offer ergonomic benefits, providing a comfortable and consistent trigger pull experience for the shooter.
Anodized Finish: The trigger is finished with a durable anodized coating, enhancing its resistance to corrosion and wear. This ensures longevity and reliable performance even in demanding shooting conditions.
Red Shoe: The trigger shoe comes in a vibrant red color, providing a distinctive appearance and making it easily recognizable. This can be useful for quick identification and differentiation, especially in low-light or tactical situations.
Compatibility: The trigger is specifically engineered to fit the AR-15 platform, ensuring compatibility with standard AR-15 lower receivers. It's important to verify compatibility with your rifle's configuration before installation to ensure proper function and fit.
Overall, the Elftmann Tactical Apex Pro FA Adjustable Trigger with a curved red shoe offers precision, customization, and durability, making it a popular choice among AR-15 enthusiasts and shooters seeking enhanced performance from their firearms.

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Elftmann Tactical
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Glendale, AZ 85305
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