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Mec Powder Bushings

Mec Powder Bushings

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Manufacturer: Mec Reloading
Model: MEC powder bushings are essential components used in shotshell reloading to control the amount of powder dispensed into the hull during the reloading process. Here's what you need to know about MEC powder bushings:

Purpose: Powder bushings are designed to regulate the volume of powder dispensed by the reloading press. Each bushing is calibrated to drop a specific volume of powder, measured in grains or cubic centimeters, depending on the design.
Compatibility: MEC powder bushings are specifically designed for use with MEC shotshell reloading presses, such as the MEC 600 Jr. Mark V and other models. They are not typically compatible with presses from other manufacturers due to differences in design and sizing.
Variety of Sizes: MEC powder bushings come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate different powder types and charge weights. Each bushing is labeled with a number that corresponds to the volume of powder it dispenses. Reloaders can choose the appropriate bushing based on their desired powder charge weight and the specific powder being used.
Interchangeability: Powder bushings are interchangeable components that can be easily swapped out on MEC reloading presses. This allows reloaders to adjust their powder charges quickly and efficiently without the need for additional tools or adjustments to the press.
Calibration: MEC powder bushings are calibrated using a standardized testing process to ensure consistent and accurate powder drops. However, it's essential for reloaders to verify the actual weight of powder dispensed by each bushing using a scale, as individual variations in powder density and other factors can affect the final charge weight.
Customization: Some reloaders may choose to modify or customize their powder bushings to achieve specific charge weights or to compensate for variations in powder density. This can be done by drilling out the bushing to increase the volume of powder it dispenses or by using a combination of bushings to achieve the desired charge weight.
Overall, MEC powder bushings are critical components of shotshell reloading, allowing reloaders to precisely control their powder charges and achieve consistent performance with each load. By selecting the appropriate bushing and verifying the actual powder weight, reloaders can produce high-quality shotshells tailored to their specific shooting needs.

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