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Sylvan Arms Sylvan +2 Magazine Extension Fits Glock 43 Anodized Finish Black Glp432

Sylvan Arms Sylvan +2 Magazine Extension Fits Glock 43 Anodized Finish Black Glp432

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Sylvan Arms Sylvan +2 Magazine Extension, Fits Glock 43, Anodized Finish, Black GLP432
Model: Glock 43 +2 Magazine Extension
Type: Mag Extension
Manufacturer: Sylvan Arms
Model: Glock 43 +2 Magazine Extension
Mfg Number: GLP432

The Sylvan Arms Sylvan +2 Magazine Extension for Glock 43 (GLP432) is an aftermarket accessory designed to increase the capacity of Glock 43 magazines by two rounds. Here's an overview of its features:

Increased Magazine Capacity: The GLP432 extends the length of Glock 43 magazines to accommodate two additional rounds of ammunition, increasing the standard capacity from 6 to 8 rounds.
Precision Machined Construction: Sylvan Arms products are typically machined from high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability. The GLP432 is precision-machined to exacting specifications for a precise fit and reliable function.
Anodized Finish: The magazine extension features an anodized finish in black, providing corrosion resistance and a sleek appearance that complements the aesthetics of the Glock 43 pistol.
Tool-less Installation: The GLP432 is designed for easy installation without the need for specialized tools or gunsmithing. It typically attaches to the existing magazine baseplate using a secure locking mechanism or retention spring.
Enhanced Grip Area: The magazine extension may feature an extended baseplate with a textured surface, providing a larger and more ergonomic grip area for improved control and handling of the pistol.
Compatible with Factory Magazines: The GLP432 is designed to be compatible with factory Glock 43 magazines, ensuring compatibility with standard magazine springs and followers.
Improved Reload Speed: With the increased capacity provided by the magazine extension, shooters can enjoy fewer reloads and faster follow-up shots during training, competition, or self-defense situations.
Legal Compliance: While the GLP432 increases the magazine capacity of the Glock 43, it may be subject to regulations and restrictions in certain jurisdictions. Shooters should verify the legality of magazine extensions in their area before installation.
Overall, the Sylvan Arms Sylvan +2 Magazine Extension for Glock 43 (GLP432) offers Glock 43 owners a simple and effective way to increase their pistol's magazine capacity while maintaining reliable function and compatibility with factory components.

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MFG NO    GLP432
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Sylvan Arms
Website:   http://sylvanarms.com
Address:   1430 Enterprise Ave.

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
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