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Allen 15125 Longmnt Lthr Frnt/rear Sht Rest Cmb

Allen 15125 Longmnt Lthr Frnt/rear Sht Rest Cmb

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Manufacturer: Allen
Mfg Number: 15125

Elevate your shooting accuracy with the Allen 15125 Longmont Leather Front/Rear Shooting Rest Combo. Designed for precision and stability, this combo offers a reliable and durable support system for your firearm, ensuring consistent performance whether you're at the range or in the field.


Premium Leather Construction: Both the front and rear rests are made from high-quality leather, providing a sturdy and durable foundation for your shooting setup. The leather not only offers a classic look but also ensures long-lasting use.
Front and Rear Combo: The combo includes both a front rest and a rear bag, offering comprehensive support for your firearm. This dual setup ensures maximum stability and accuracy, reducing recoil and movement.
Pre-Filled for Convenience: Both the front and rear rests come pre-filled with a suitable material, providing optimal weight and stability right out of the box. This means you can use them immediately without the hassle of filling them yourself.
Non-Slip Base: The rests feature non-slip bases, ensuring they stay firmly in place on any shooting surface. This stability is crucial for maintaining your shooting position and achieving consistent accuracy.
Protective Design: The soft yet durable leather exterior protects your firearm from scratches and damage while providing a comfortable and secure rest. This ensures your firearm remains in top condition during use.
Enhanced Stability: The design of the front and rear rests helps to minimize movement and maintain a consistent shooting position. This stability is essential for precision shooting, whether you're sighting in your scope or engaging in target practice.
Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide range of firearms, including rifles and shotguns, this shooting rest combo is perfect for benchrest shooting, hunting, and general target practice.

Benchrest Shooting: Provides a stable and consistent rest for precision shooting at the bench.
Sighting in Scopes: Helps maintain a steady position while adjusting and zeroing in your scope.
Target Practice: Enhances stability and accuracy during general target practice sessions.
Field Shooting: Offers reliable support for hunting and outdoor shooting activities.

Model: Allen 15125 Longmont Leather Front/Rear Shooting Rest Combo
Material: High-quality leather
Fill: Pre-filled with optimal weight material
Base: Non-slip for secure placement
Dimensions: Compact and easy to transport
Why Choose the Allen 15125 Longmont Leather Front/Rear Shooting Rest Combo:

Durable Leather Construction: Premium materials ensure long-lasting durability and a classic look.
Comprehensive Support: Includes both front and rear rests for maximum stability and accuracy.
Ready to Use: Pre-filled for immediate convenience and optimal stability.
Non-Slip Base: Ensures the rests stay in place f

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