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Allen 18437 Eliminator Cylinder Filled Frnt Bag

Allen 18437 Eliminator Cylinder Filled Frnt Bag

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Allen 18437 Eliminator Cylinder Filled FRNT Bag

Manufacturer: Allen
Mfg Number: 18437

Optimize your shooting setup with the Allen 18437 Eliminator Cylinder Filled Front Bag, designed to provide exceptional stability and support for your firearm. Whether you're at the range or in the field, this front bag ensures a steady and secure shooting platform, enhancing your accuracy and overall shooting experience.


High-Quality Construction: Made from durable, heavy-duty materials, the Eliminator Cylinder Filled Front Bag is built to withstand rigorous use. The robust construction ensures long-lasting performance and reliability in various shooting conditions.
Pre-Filled Convenience: The front bag comes pre-filled with a specially selected fill material, providing optimal weight and stability right out of the box. No need to worry about filling or adjusting the bag; it’s ready to use immediately.
Stable Shooting Platform: The cylindrical shape and firm fill of the bag offer a stable and secure rest for your firearm. This design minimizes movement and helps maintain a consistent shooting position, improving your accuracy with every shot.
Non-Slip Base: Equipped with a non-slip base, the Eliminator Cylinder Filled Front Bag stays firmly in place on any shooting surface. This feature prevents unwanted movement, ensuring your setup remains stable throughout your shooting session.
Portable and Lightweight: Despite its robust construction, the bag is lightweight and easy to transport. Its compact size makes it convenient to carry in your range bag or backpack, so you can take it with you wherever you go.
Versatile Use: Ideal for use with rifles, shotguns, and other long guns, this front bag is a versatile addition to your shooting accessories. It’s perfect for benchrest shooting, sighting in scopes, and general target practice.
Protective Design: The soft yet durable exterior protects your firearm from scratches and damage while providing a comfortable and secure rest. This ensures that your firearm remains in top condition during use.

Benchrest Shooting: Provides a stable and consistent rest for precision shooting at the bench.
Sighting in Scopes: Helps maintain a steady position while adjusting and zeroing in your scope.
Target Practice: Enhances stability and accuracy during general target practice sessions.
Field Shooting: Offers reliable support for hunting and outdoor shooting activities.

Model: Allen 18437 Eliminator Cylinder Filled Front Bag
Material: Durable, heavy-duty fabric
Fill: Pre-filled with optimal weight material
Shape: Cylindrical for maximum stability
Base: Non-slip for secure placement
Weight: Lightweight and portable
Dimensions: Compact size for easy transport
Why Choose the Allen 18437 Eliminator Cylinder Filled Front Bag:

Ready to Use: Pre-filled for immediate convenience and optimal stability.
Durable Construction: Built to last with heavy-duty mater

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MFG NO    18437
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