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Browning A-Bolt 375 H&H Mag Stainless Steel Stalker 24" Free Floating Barrel Composite/Fiberglass Stock Boss Bolt Action Rifle 035008332

Browning A-Bolt 375 H&H Mag Stainless Steel Stalker 24" Free Floating Barrel Composite/Fiberglass Stock Boss Bolt Action Rifle 035008332

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Product Summary

From butt to muzzle, the Stainless Stalker is made to resist rough conditions with its weather-resistant, stainless steel barrel and action and its non-glare, textured black graphite-fiberglass stock. This model comes with the BOSS system.

-Caliber: 375 H&H (open sights only)
-Barrel Length: 24"-Total Capacity: 4 (Total capacity includes one round in the chamber
-Avg. Weight: 7 lbs. 3 oz.
-Overall Length: 46 ¾"
-Sight Radius: 18"-Drop at Comb: 5/8" (measured from centerline of bore
-Drop at Heel: 1/2"
-Length of Pull: 13 ¾"
-Rate of Twist: 1 in 12"


Barrel-Free floating, glass bedded at the recoil lug to maintain the proper spacing around the barrel and provide consistent accuracy. Recessed muzzle.

BOSS- (Ballistic Optimizing Shooting System) The Boss offers unmatched versatility in terms of bullet selection. This is perhaps the greatest feature of Boss technology. Improving on the accuracy that Browning rifles have always been known for is virtually impossible. The Boss simply provides that accuracy regardless of ammunition brand, bullet type or weight. The Boss is a simple system consisting of a weighted body and a threaded adjustment ring. By turning the Boss, the rifle can be tuned to any load.

Bolt-60 degree throw. Utilizes a non-rotating bolt sleeve that runs the entire length of the bolt. When unlocked, three guide ribs on the bolt sleeve align with the three locking lugs to allow the bolt to slide smoothly. When locked, these three lugs provide massive bolt strength. The A-Bolt feeds very smoothly because of its unique, patented cartridge depressor. This cartridge depressor stays in position, independent of the bolt rotation, as the bolt slides gently over the cartridges in the magazine. The bolt face is recessed, completely surrounding the cartridge base.

Magazine-Hinged floor plate with detachable box magazine to make it simple and fast to load with a spare loaded magazine.

Recoil Pad-Standard on all models.

Safety-Top-tang, thumb-operated safety can be actuated or released with the thumb without changing from a shooting grip.

Sights-The 375 H&H has open sights only, receiver drilled and tapped for installation of scope mounts.

Sling Swivels-Michaels post-type swivel studs, swivels not included.

Trigger-Chrome-plated trigger sear for cleaner, crisper trigger pull. Screw adjustable. Pre-set at approximately 4 pounds.

Caliber Dictionary

The Below Information Has Been Provided From Our Gun Caliber Dictionary And Is Meant For Informational Purposes Only. It Is Not Intended to Describe The Unique Specifications For This Ammunition.
The 375 H&H (375 Holland & Holland Magnum) was introduced by Holland & Holland in 1912 but, unlike so many British cartridges retained as exclusive or proprietary cartridges, it was released to the gun trade. Western offered the first American load in 1925, and it was an initial chambering for the Winchester Model 70 in 1937. The 375 H&H became and remains a world-standard hunting cartridge, generally considered a sensible minimum in power for thick-skinned dangerous game...yet flat-shooting and versatile enough for almost anything else. Standard loads include a 270-grain bullet at 2690 feet per second and a 300-grain bullet at 2530 fps, both yielding about 4300 foot-pounds of energy. With a 2.85-inch case the 375 H&H requires (and pretty much defines) a "full-length action." 375 H&H rifles and ammunition can be found almost anywhere in the hunting world. Recoil is considerable, but with adequate gun weight most shooters can learn to tolerate the 375 H&H. — Craig Boddington

Specification   Value
Warranty   Two year warranty from date of purchase.
Caliber   375 H&H
Condition   New
MFG NO    035008332
SKU    13130
UPC    023614643913
Phone:   801-876-2711
Website:   http://www.browning.com
Address:   One Browning Place
Morgan, UT 84050
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