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Marlin M 336 C 35 Remington 6-Shot 20" Deep Blued Barrel American Black Walnut Pistol Grip Stock Lever Action Rifle 70506

Marlin M 336 C 35 Remington 6-Shot 20" Deep Blued Barrel American Black Walnut Pistol Grip Stock Lever Action Rifle 70506

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Product Summary

Known for its rugged styling, pinpoint accuracy, and incredible dependability, this popular pistol grip carbine has a flat, solid top receiver and hammer block safety. The 336C has become one of the most popular rifles in North America. Its genuine American black walnut stock is enhanced with fine cut checkering. In addition to 30/30 Winchester, the 336C is also available in 35 Remington, a cartridge favored by many hunters because of its reputation as a hard-hitting brush-buster.

-Caliber: 30/30 Win. Or 35 Remington
-Capacity: 6-shot tubular magazine
-Action: Lever action; side ejection; solid top receiver; deeply blued metal surfaces.
-Safety: Hammer block safety
-Stock: American black walnut pistol grip stock with fluted comb; cut checkering, rubber rifle butt pad; tough Mar-Shield finish; blued steel barrel band with integral swivel stud.
-Barrel: 20" with Micro-Groove rifling (12 grooves)
-Twist Rate: 30/30 Win.-1:10"r.h.
35 Rem.-1:16" r.h.
-Sights: Adjustable semi-buckhorn folding rear, ramp front sight with brass bead and Wide-Scan hood. Solid top receiver tapped for scope mount or receiver sight; offset hammer spur (right or left hand) for scope use.
-Length: 38 1/2"
-Weight: 7 Lbs.

Ideal For: Deer or Black Bear.

M336C 35 Rem, 6-Shot, 20" Barrel

Caliber Dictionary

The Below Information Has Been Provided From Our Gun Caliber Dictionary And Is Meant For Informational Purposes Only. It Is Not Intended to Describe The Unique Specifications For This Ammunition.
Introduced in 1906, the 35 Remington is the last survivor of a family of rimless cartridges Remington developed for their Model 8 semiautomatic rifle. Although "paper ballistics" are unimpressive, with a 200-grain bullet at 2080 feet per second, the 35 Remington is a legendary "big woods" cartridge for deer and black bear. It was chambered to many early bolt-actions and some lever-actions and slide-actions. Marlin's 336 is the last factory rifle so chambered. The 35 Remington is very efficient in short barrels, so it got a new lease on life in bolt-action and single-shot "specialty pistols." At close range it still a hard-hitting cartridge, a fine close cover cartridge and especially excellent for feral hogs.  — Craig Boddington

Specification   Value
Warranty   Five year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship.
Caliber   35 Remington
Condition   New
MFG NO    70506
SKU    3638
UPC    026495015305
Phone:   336-548-8700
Website:   http://www.marlinfirearms.com
PO Box 1871
Madison, NC 27025
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