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41 Remington Magnum 20 Rounds Ammunition Federal Cartridge 250 Grain Lead
41 Remington Magnum 20 Rounds Ammunition Federal Cartridge 250 Grain Lead

41 Remington Magnum 20 Rounds Ammunition Federal Cartridge 250 Grain Lead

Product Summary

Usage: Medium Game

Premium CastCore gives you a heavyweight, flat-nosed, hard cast-lead bullet that smashes through bone without breaking apart.

Fall belongs to the hunter who knows his game and masters his skill. Make sure every shot counts by carrying Federal Premium Vital-Shok. Study the ballistic tables and you'll discover each load matching the world's most technologically advanced bullets with world-class brass, select powders and legendary primers. Federal Premium Vital-Shok is the chosen centerfire ammunition for the ultimate hunting experience.

41 Remington Mag, 250Gr., Cast Lead FP,

Caliber Dictionary

The Below Information Has Been Provided From Our Gun Caliber Dictionary And Is Meant For Informational Purposes Only. It Is Not Intended to Describe The Unique Specifications For This Ammunition.
The 41 Remington Magnum was developed by Remington introduced in 1964 in the Smith & Wesson Model 57. The 41 Magnum was envisioned a revolver cartridge for law enforcement use that offered more power and penetraion than the 357, but with less recoil than the 44 Remington Magnum. Using case length of 1.290-inches and a .410-caliber bullet, the 41 Magnum is an extremely effective and powerful revolver cartridge. The most common standard load features a 210-grain bullet at 1300 feet per second, yielding 790 foot-pounds. Although adopted by few law enforcement agencies, in part because of recoil and in part because of the near-wholesale shift to semiautomatics, the 41 Magnum is an excellent load for handgun hunting, much more effective than the 357 Magnum for deer-sized game. It is currently seeing some resugence in popularity. — Craig Boddington

Specification   Value
Warranty   Warranted against manufacturers defects.
Caliber   41 Remington Magnum
Weight   250 Grain
Bullet Type   Lead
MFG NO    P41B
SKU    3766
UPC    029465091941
Phone:   763-323-2300
Website:   http://www.federalpremium.com
Address:   900 Ehlen Drive
Anoka, MN 55303
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